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Of the two TV shows listed here…neither one of them are “remakes”. While the timeline is updated, ‘Hannibal’ isn’t a remake of ‘Silence Of The Lambs’. The series gets most of the backstory from ‘Red Dragon’ (aside some liberties) and visual cues from ‘Manhunter’ (1986) which was an adaption of that novel….which was later remade with Ed Norton as Will Graham.

‘Sleepy Hollow’ – a show I don’t care much for – is a remake of what, exactly? It’s simply a new take on a public domain story, nothing more.

Both the recent Apes films are not remakes. But there’s something else that troubles me. Here it is:

The most trouble people had was that weird ending, nothing more. And the recent Apes movies are nothing short of outstanding and far more engaging than Burton’s film. I’ll give you that. And I liked Burton’s film. And all film is subjective. But the suggestion is the Burton film bombed is incorrect. Bow your heads!

So what would I put in their place?
The Shining (Tv miniseries from the 90s)
3:10 To Yuma
The Fly (86)
The Grudge

You get a pass with The Thing. You had redeemed yourself…