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 POP 5



5. Something 99.9% Of The Population Hates

Do you have an affinity for snacks that suck? Although snack suckage can be vary depending on who you ask, there are definitely a few tried-and-true list items that never fail to make somebody reach for the nearest barf-bag. Or bowl. Or pot. Or really any round device that might hold some puke.

Do you like vinegar chips, anchovies, or deep fried tarantulas? Awesome! Can you please save everyone the gag-reflex and just enjoy them at home? When contemplating edible party contributions, first ask yourself the following question: “Will it make people physically ill?” If the answer is no, proceed to the check out line. If the answer is yes, put down the stinky cheese and proceed to the chips and salsa aisle immediately.


4. Generic “Host Gifts”

We’ve all done it before. But now, we know better. Showing up to a party with a candle, potpourri, and/or decorative soap is across the board LAME. In fact, the only thing worse than bringing any one of those things would be showing up with all three…or with somebody’s ex. Either way, pull a reverse Nike and just don’t do it.


3. An Annoying Friend

The only thing more embarrassing than being that guy who shows up with somebody that nobody knows, is showing up with that somebody nobody wants to know. When it comes to bringing a guest to somebody else’s soiree, it’s a general rule of thumb to ask the host’s permission first. If your guest request gets the green light, great! Just don’t throw everyone a curveball when your seemingly normal date turns out to be the token “drunk girl.”


2. Highly Flammable Objects

We get it, you’re still holding on to the tail end of firework season. We don’t blame you. But if you decide to seal the deal on some Tijuana explosives at the local block party, don’t be that guy who puts the “fire” in firework. Not that most people would show up to a firework fiesta with an aerosol can of hairspray anyway. And if you would, well, the more you know…


1. Nothing

Barney said it best, “Sharing is caring.” Although we don’t usually condone taking advice from purple dinosaurs, in this case Barney was totally right. Showing up with a snack, flowers, or beverage for the event enhances everyone’s shindig experience – and if you literally can’t stop by the nearest grocery store before the event, man up and apologize. Don’t do it again!

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Remakes That Are Actually Pretty Awesome – POP 5 Fri, 18 Jul 2014 20:15:04 +0000 Here on THEPOPFIX we’ve discussed summer movie season, sequels we’d actually like to see, and what makes our favorite movie franchise. There is one more unavoidable element to being a cinephile, the remake. Also included under the remake is the reboot, the requel, and the re-imagining. But as frustrating as it can be to see your favorite titles recycled for what appears to be no reason other than lazy studio executives and ruining your childhood, sometimes we forget that remakes aren’t always bad. So today, we’re counting down the Pop 5 Remakes That Are Actually Pretty Awesome.

POP 5 Remakes

That Are Actually Pretty Awesome

Hannibal - Season 1

5. Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow”

I will be the first to admit that I was the most skeptical of the Fox series. A time traveling Ichabod Crane? A quasi cop drama? The Four Horsemen of the apocalypse? But after watching the pilot I discovered a series that was absolutely hilarious, plays the insanity of the situation just right and two leads who have dynamite chemistry. That, and who doesn’t like to George Washington’s supernatural backstory? Season two has been expanded getting 18 episodes and creators have already promised that Founding Father Benjamin Franklin will make an appearance. Sign me up! I promise not to loose my head…

4. “Oceans Eleven”

Let’s get real, who is cooler than the rat pack? No one…well, except George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Don Cheadle. Steven Soderberg was the man to turn the smooth up to “eleven” in this awesome heist comedy. A remake that, dare I say it? Is better than the original, “Oceans 11″ spawned two sequels that featured additional cast members like Andy Garcia, Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta Jones, just to name a few. Style, class, and all kinds of charisma, “Oceans 11″ hits the jackpot.

3. NBC’s “Hannibal”

Another TV reboot that makes the list, Bryan Fuller somehow managed to reinvent Doctor Hannibal Lecter on the small screen and allowed us to picture a version of Hannibal the cannibal separate from Anthony Hopkins Academy Award winning portrayal in “The Silence of the Lambs.” NBC’s Hannibal is dark, artistic, smart and superbly well acted with Maz Mikkleson in the title role. Although it’s a bubble show, Hannibal has been renewed for season three. So genre fans, sit down and catch up before the premiere. I promise you wont regret it.

2. “Rise and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”

Another adventure that I was the most skeptical about. In fact, I didn’t even see “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” until it came out on DVD but when I did, holy cow, what a terrific film. The franchise hit a huge pothole when Tim Burton tried to reboot the franchise in 2001. Despite a mostly great cast and incredible make up effects by Oscar winner Rick Baker, the 2001 version was a huge disaster. Cut to mo-cap legend Andy Serkis bringing Caesar to life in “Rise” and what you got was not only an incredible comeback but I’d argue the biggest surprise of the summer movie season. This summer we’ve been treated to Matt Reeves’ follow up “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” and when it comes down to it, this is the franchise that defies all of the traditional Hollywood summer blockbuster thinking: reboots and sequels that are superb and CGI and digital technology that, dare I say it, surpasses make up effects in bringing the apes to life. If you had doubts about these movies, do yourself a favor and watch. They’re a real treat.

1. John Carpenter’s “The Thing”

No list of reboots and remakes that are actually good would be complete without mention of John Carpenter’s “The Thing.” Truth be told, it was a real challenge deciding whether to include David Cronenberg’s “The Fly” in this spot, but ultimately I chose “The Thing,” because this film deserves as much appreciation as it can get. Savaged by critics upon its initial release, “The Thing” is Carpenter’s masterpiece. A remake of “The Thing From Another World” which itself was based on the short story “Who Goes There?,” “The Thing” still to this day stands the test of time in its story, its acting and its visual effects. Hollywood even tried to reboot-slash-prequilize the 1982 masterpiece in 2011 to no avail basically setting the reboot/remake/requel debate in motion once again.

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Celebrity Commencement Speeches – POP 5 Tue, 20 May 2014 20:48:30 +0000 It’s that time, students are saying goodbye to their high school glory days and college graduates are taking their degrees with them in hopes of locking down the job they always wanted. The students at Warren Easton Charter High School were in shock after a surprise from the Oscar-winning-actress Sandra Bullock. When speaking about life lessons, she chose to share the same advice she tells her son. THEPOPFIX wants to dedicate today’s POP 5 to all the graduates of 2014. Good luck!

 POP 5 Celebrity

Commencement Speeches


5. Barack Obama: The President of the United States spoke to Arizona State University in 2009. There’s no doubt about it, the man is really good at public speaking.

 “That’s the great American story, young people just like you, following their passions, determined to meet the times on their own terms. They weren’t doing it for the money. Their titles weren’t fancy, ex-slave, minister, student, citizen. A whole bunch of them didn’t get honorary degrees but they changed the course of history and so can you ASU, so can you Class of 2009. So can you.”


4. Arnold Schwarzenegger: In 2009 the Terminator himself shared his “6 Rules Of Success” with the University of Southern California graduates. Those rules were: trust yourself, break the rules, don’t be afraid to fail, don’t listen to the naysayers, work your butt off, and give back.

“Now, of course, people ask me all the time, they say to me, “What is the secret to success?” And I give them always the short version. I say, ‘Number one, come to America. Number two, work your butt off. And number three, marry a Kennedy.’”

3. Steve Jobs: What an honor to have the founder of Apple speak at your graduation. In 2005 at Stanford University he spoke about death, unknowing that those words would mean much more in about five years time.

“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life because almost everything, all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure, these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”

2. Oprah: 
She didn’t give everyone a car, but she shared some personal experiences to make everyone more confident at Howard University in 2007. She could of just stood there and I believe all the students would of been inspired, she’s Oprah.

“You have to be willing to stand up for what you believe in. If I could count the number of times I have been asked to compromise and sell out myself for one reason or another, I would be a billionaire 10 times over. My integrity is not for sale and neither is yours.”

1. Ellen: After numerous years of basically killing yourself so you can graduate, the one thing you deserve is to kick back and laugh. Ellen delivered joke after joke in 2009 at Tulane University.

“I thought that you had to be a famous alumnus, alumni, aluminum, alumis; you had to graduate from this school. And I didn’t go to college here, and I don’t know if President Cowan knows, I didn’t go to any college at all, any college. And I’m not saying you wasted your time, or money, but look at me, I’m a huge celebrity.”

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Most Anticipated Movies For Summer 2014 – POP 5 Fri, 09 May 2014 18:40:58 +0000 Summer movie season is finally here! We’ve got a lot of potential blockbusters to look forward to, and Erin Darling is counting ‘em down in THEPOPFIX‘s POP 5 Most Anticipated Movies For Summer 2014!

Did your most anticipated movie make the list?

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“Friday The 13th” Favorites – POP 5 Thu, 24 Apr 2014 23:46:07 +0000 Paramount is set to reboot the “Friday The 13th” franchise and according to The Wrap, one of the “V/H/S” directors, David Bruckner, is being considered as a possible director of the film. While we brainstorm on what the plot will be for the new flick, we do know the basis for the newly announced “Friday The 13th” TV series. In the new television series we will get to witness Jason Voorhees roam Crystal Lake during different time periods. Sean S. Cunningham, the original director of the “Friday The 13th” films,  will be an executive producer on the series. I’m definitely looking forward to this different take on expanding the well known franchise with core characters and learning more about Jason’s family. This route worked for “Bates Motel” and hopefully this will be of the same high quality. It will be awhile before either of these productions hit the big and small screen, so take a look at our POP 5 Favorite “Friday The 13th” films.


Favorite “Friday The 13th” Films – POP 5



5. “Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter”

The title may not be very accurate, but this film had it all. The usual characters attempting to have sex, but then are interrupted by Jason killing them, followed by many failed attempts at killing Jason. During the final scenes we were left to assume Jason was finally dead…but now we all know that was far from the truth.

4. “Jason X”

Now this movie is at the bottom of a lot of people’s list, but I personally loved it. I thought this movie was really fun and different. It threw Jason into the future up into space. That’s scary in general, being stuck in a small space with not many places to run. Not to mention, Jason is now this titanium-like beast. “Oh look it’s a falling star, oh wait…that’s just Jason.”

3. “Freddy VS Jason”

It was like Hannah Montana’sBest of Both Worlds,” but a slasher version. Take the nostalgia of the 80′s and add modern day film technology. Freddy Krueger battled it out with Jason in an epic showdown of bladed gloves versus a machete. This combo brought a bit of humour to the franchises and had us rooting for our favorite rather than being terrified for hours.

2. “Friday the 13th, Part 2″

In the first sequel of the franchise we are finally introduced to Jason Vorhees, Mrs. Vorhees’ son. After witnessing his mother’s death, Jason is no longer the boy who drowned in the lake, but a killer who is ready to go slasher central on a neighboring camp. He doesn’t obtain the famous ice hockey mask until part 3, but even with a bag on his head, he managed to terrify audiences with his various deadly weapon choices.

1. “Friday The 13th”

Without this film you wouldn’t have any of the others, so of course it belongs at number one. This was such a bold move in film at the time, I mean the opening scene is these teens being murdered while enjoying a nice camping trip. Jason is not the killer in the first film, it is his mother  Mrs. Voorhees. This movie introduced us to Crystal Lake and debuted a music score that gave us goosebumps!

What is your favorite “Friday The 13th” film and will you be watching the upcoming TV series?

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Favorite Tim Allen Characters – POP 5 Thu, 17 Apr 2014 19:32:20 +0000 The comedy genius, Tim Allen, left a big impact on film and television in the 90′s. His ability to make us laugh, seemed as natural as you could get. We welcomed him into our homes each night as he constantly hurt himself accidentally by getting electrocuted or blowing up the dishwasher.  Even when he accidentally killed Santa Claus we fell in love with him. He was a father and a friend that we all wished we had. Tim Allen currently reels in the laughs on the ABC show “Last Man Standing,” but let’s take a look back at the roles that made this comedian everyone’s favorite.


Favorite Tim Allen Characters – POP 5

Tim Allen


5. Michael Cromwell:

Tim Allen was a snobby New York broker in “Jungle 2 Jungle,” but after finding out he had a 13 year-old son, we got to watch an amazing journey. Maybe he wasn’t the best at shooting poison darts or staying out of a tarantula’s way, but he changed his ways and developed a great relationship with his son.


4. Jason Nesmith: 

In “Galaxy Quest” Allen went from being an actor playing a space commander to a real life commander of an alien like spaceship. Watching his transition from fandom events to an extraterrestrial race depending on him to save their lives, was hilarious. He turned a semi-parody like movie into a classic on its own. Anyone remember those little aliens he came across with the sharp teeth?


3. Scott Calvin/Santa Claus:

Oh man, “The Santa ClauseDisney films made all kids wish their dad would accidentally kill Santa. Allen really transformed in this film and the sequels that followed, from getting fat and jolly to his hair turning white along with a new beard. I believe all of us kids at the time were disappointed our snow globes didn’t take us to the North Pole. Allen not only made us laugh in these films, but he warmed our hearts and we all get excited when they start playing these films during the Christmas season.


2. Buzz Lightyear:

Say it with me, “To infinity…and beyond!” In the “Toy Story” trilogy we were introduced to Andy’s new toy Buzz Lightyear. Voiced by Tim Allen, we cheered along as this space ranger helped save the other toys and himself from numerous villains or dangerous situations. He had the coolest space suit and he wasn’t going to let anyone say that he couldn’t fly. I’m not going to lie, I had Buzz Lightyear bed sheets as a kid.


1. Tim The Toolman Taylor:

If you want to talk about the 90′s, then you have to mention “Home Improvement.” This really launched Allen’s career and is one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. Allen played a tool loving handyman, who wasn’t truly that handy. The show switched between following the life of the Taylor family and then his television show “Tool Time.” Both at home and at work, Allen’s character was highly accident prone. We laughed till we cried as he crashed through drywall, knocked out Bob Vila, and fell from the roof multiple times while hanging Christmas lights. A fun fact is that “Mrs. Doubtfire” was actually the original story-line for a movie version of “Home Improvement.”


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Scariest Natural Disaster Movies – POP 5 Thu, 17 Apr 2014 01:04:59 +0000 This one goes out to all my adrenaline movie junkies! If you are anything like me, then you love to watch natural disaster movies and imagine what you would do if you were put in those situations. What situations am I referring to? How about, trying not to get sucked up into a tornado or being burnt to a crisp with lava? It’s scary stuff right? What makes these movies truly terrifying is the fact that natural disasters are in no way fictional. With the devastating tsunamis overseas and the numerous earthquakes we have experienced lately, the possibility leaves us frightened. Until aliens attack us or Godzilla makes his appearance, let’s put the sharks aside and take a look at the scariest natural disaster movies that give us a whole new appreciation for Mother Nature’s nice side.


Scariest Natural Disaster Movies – POP 5

disaster movies


5. “2012″

The Mayans predicted that the world would come to an end in the year 2012. Well, I’m either typing this from the afterlife or they got it wrong. This film showed the drastic levels some would take in order to seek refuge. California ends up falling into the Pacific Ocean and many more earthquakes disrupt the Earth’s crust. That was not the scary part to me, it was the fact that the modern day Noah’s ark was only for people who could afford a ticket!


4. “The Day After Tomorrow”

Global warming sent the people of Earth a wake up call when catastrophic weather events interrupted everyone’s day to day. What was a nice stroll down the streets of New York turned into a sprint to safety, because a giant tsunami wave was coming towards them, with ships and all. Nature didn’t stop there, it was as if Elsa from “Frozen wanted the world to build a snowman and froze everything in sight. Imagine west coasters dealing with that degree of cold?


3. “Dante’s Peak”

This was one of my favorite movies from the late 90′s. A volcano decides to become active and terrorizes the town. In an effort to save his kids Pierce Brosnan drives over lava and even risks driving into an abandoned mine for safety. I’m about to get to that moment none of us wants to talk about…the grandmother’s death. While trying to get across a lake, the acid in the water is eating away at the bottom of the boat and the propeller. In order to save the whole family, the grandmother gets into the water and pushes them ashore, and dies shortly after.


2. “Twister”

When you think of disaster movies, you cannot help but think of “Twister.” Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton shine in this film as they try to implement their research of the tornados landing nearby. I think storm chasers are bat sh*t crazy, but it proved for an adrenaline pumping film. You can’t forget the iconic cow flying by, but I do not want to have a belt tied to a pipe be the only thing saving me from being a tornado’s dinner.


1. “Into The Storm”

In just one day a town is taken over by a series of deadly cyclones. This movie will be from the POV of storm chasers and high school students trying to get the shot of a lifetime. The tornado siren sound scares me to death, I will not be grabbing my camera when it goes off! This movie comes out in August 2014, check out the trailer and decide for yourself if you think it’ll deserve the number one spot.

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Best House Party Movie Scenes – POP 5 Fri, 04 Apr 2014 03:04:46 +0000 THEPOPFIX likes to party and I’m sure you do too. The sad thing is, throwing a party is no easy task, especially if you want it to be considered a rager and have it go down in the history books. You might have parents who just won’t ever leave the house or you may live in a neighborhood where the cops would be called within two seconds. If there is something stopping you from hosting your own get together, then the best thing to do is live it out via the movies! Maybe these classic party scenes will help inspire you!


POP 5 – Best House Party Movie Scenes


project x


5. “Old School”

This movie taught us a few things. First off, don’t be that old person at the party. Secondly, if you say you’ll just have one drink, know this will lead to many more. Will Ferrell made that mistake and ended up fleeing a Snoop Dogg performance to streak naked down the road, later being caught by his wife.

4. “Can’t Hardly Wait”

We get to see some of today’s favorite actors Seth Green and Jennifer Love Hewitt, as they partied away their younger years in celebration of graduation night. Hooking up in a bathroom, taking revenge on a school bully, chasing after true love, and grabbing the mic to rock out on stage. All the classic elements to a perfect high school party. Did you know Jason Segal was in this movie too, as a stoner eating watermelon?

3. “Animal House”

Theme parties are fun, they force you to use your creativity. Have you ever been invited to a Toga party? If so, it’s all because of this movie. The National Lampoon film is known to this day as one of the greatest comedy films ever created. The toga party scene also boosted the track “Shout” which was performed by Otis Day & The Knights, and is now a go to song at any dancing event.

2. “Project X”

An invitation to your small get together winds up online and you automatically have the best party you could ever imagine, yet also have the biggest nightmare on your hands. With a home video POV angle, we witness as this party becomes so extreme it catches media news coverage. Party goers trip on ecstasy, helicopters fly above the house, a mercedes gets drove into the pool, and even a crazy man appears with a flamethrower. You left the theater feeling like you had just attended the best party of your life.

1. “Neighbors”

Now this choice is a foreshadow. The upcoming movie has two parents attempting to fit in with their new frat house neighbors, this is until it becomes a neighborly war. Its a frat house so of course they are going to be throwing parties.  In the trailer previews so far we see a Robert De Niro film character party, a classic summer pool party, a blacklight party, and even one with fireworks. I can’t wait to watch Rose Byrne and Seth Rogan’s involvement with these parties, which is promised to be hilarious.  


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