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Corey Eid “Alien Abduction” Paranormal Q&A

by Skylyr Ballew 8 April 2014 No Comment E-mail Skylyr Ballew

Don’t you love it when your personal life converges with Hollywood? The latest sci-fi alien inspired film is based on the true events that surround the area that I was born and raised in. Imagine going on a camping trip with your family and all the sudden extraterrestrials show up. You’re no longer running to get firewood, but running for your life! You can watch “Alien Abduction” in theaters now, but meanwhile check out THEPOPFIX’s exclusive interview with Corey Eid, who stars in the film as Corey Morris.

 Corey Eid Alien Abduction


THEPOPFIX: First off, I’m happy to see you are still with us here on Earth. What inspired you to want to work on this paranormal film?

Corey: When I first received the audition for this film, there was just something about it that made me need to be in it. I can’t really describe it. I fell in love with the script.

THEPOPFIX: How was it working with director, Matty Beckerman, and what was the mood like on set?

Corey: Matty is so talented and is such an amazing person. He is an actors director, he really cares about how the actor feels about the scenes and is an amazing collaborator. He allowed us the freedom to find these characters, which really helped us out…the mood varied from day to day. When we were shooting the car scenes when Peter was still around, it was a happy vibe. When we got into heavier scenes like the tunnel scene and such it was a darker vibe. It changed day to day to match the scene we were portraying.

THEPOPFIX: An important setting in the film is the Road to Nowhere tunnel. I personally have a very hard time making it to the end of that tunnel at night, and I’m sure the addition of aliens now will not help. What was it like working inside there?

Corey: The tunnel is one of the most fascinating I have ever scene. It’s so long, you feel like it’s never going to end. And working inside of it really helped the eerie vibe that took place during that scene, because that tunnel in itself is very creepy.

THEPOPFIX: Also did you ever explore the area at night without a film crew etc?

Corey: We never saw the tunnel until the day of shooting, so that we kept up the mystery and suspense of it.

THEPOPFIX: Many of my friends have seen the Brown Mountain Lights, which the film is based upon. Did you witness any lights or experience anything paranormal while on set?

Corey: I myself have yet to see the lights, Matty has scene them and taken pictures of them. But paranormal things were happening to the cast and crew throughout the production. I would have lights turning on and off in my room, tables would shake, and you would see things out of the corners of your eyes. Very intense!

THEPOPFIX: You’re stuck out in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone reception and you see an alien 30 yards away from you. What does Corey Eid do in this situation?

Corey: Haha Corey Eid tries to communicate with the alien. I’m so fascinated by the topic, I doubt I could just run. I need to know more. Very curious.

THEPOPFIX: I think the easiest question to ask you now is, do you believe in Aliens? Also will this film alter the vibe of your next camping trip?

Corey: Definitely believe in aliens. We live in a massive, beautiful universe, it would be foolish to think nothing else exists beyond our planet. Camping may be a little more nerve racking than before. I’d still go though!

THEPOPFIX: You’ve been appearing as teenage Burt on “Raising Hope.” What was the transition like between this sci-fi thriller flick to the comedic television show?

Corey: We shot alien abduction about 2 years ago, so the transition into teenage burt wasn’t a difficult one. It is interesting how different the characters are, but that’s what I love about it. Always exploring different roles is key.

THEPOPFIX: Are you working on any future projects or have a certain genre you’d like to try out next?

Corey: I would like to be apart of a drama next, maybe a time piece. Very interested in the 1920s.

THEPOPFIX: What’s your fix?

Corey: My fix is music from the 60s and 70s! Love The Beatles,The Doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin…current bands, I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Black Keys. Big fan of Leonardo Dicaprio’s work in film….love tv shows like “House Of Cards”, “Boardwalk Empire” and “The Following.”

Check out the trailer below!

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