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“Friday The 13th” Favorites – POP 5

by Skylyr Ballew 24 April 2014 No Comment E-mail Skylyr Ballew

Paramount is set to reboot the “Friday The 13th” franchise and according to The Wrap, one of the “V/H/S” directors, David Bruckner, is being considered as a possible director of the film. While we brainstorm on what the plot will be for the new flick, we do know the basis for the newly announced “Friday The 13th” TV series. In the new television series we will get to witness Jason Voorhees roam Crystal Lake during different time periods. Sean S. Cunningham, the original director of the “Friday The 13th” films,  will be an executive producer on the series. I’m definitely looking forward to this different take on expanding the well known franchise with core characters and learning more about Jason’s family. This route worked for “Bates Motel” and hopefully this will be of the same high quality. It will be awhile before either of these productions hit the big and small screen, so take a look at our POP 5 Favorite “Friday The 13th” films.


Favorite “Friday The 13th” Films – POP 5



5. “Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter”

The title may not be very accurate, but this film had it all. The usual characters attempting to have sex, but then are interrupted by Jason killing them, followed by many failed attempts at killing Jason. During the final scenes we were left to assume Jason was finally dead…but now we all know that was far from the truth.

4. “Jason X”

Now this movie is at the bottom of a lot of people’s list, but I personally loved it. I thought this movie was really fun and different. It threw Jason into the future up into space. That’s scary in general, being stuck in a small space with not many places to run. Not to mention, Jason is now this titanium-like beast. “Oh look it’s a falling star, oh wait…that’s just Jason.”

3. “Freddy VS Jason”

It was like Hannah Montana’sBest of Both Worlds,” but a slasher version. Take the nostalgia of the 80′s and add modern day film technology. Freddy Krueger battled it out with Jason in an epic showdown of bladed gloves versus a machete. This combo brought a bit of humour to the franchises and had us rooting for our favorite rather than being terrified for hours.

2. “Friday the 13th, Part 2″

In the first sequel of the franchise we are finally introduced to Jason Vorhees, Mrs. Vorhees’ son. After witnessing his mother’s death, Jason is no longer the boy who drowned in the lake, but a killer who is ready to go slasher central on a neighboring camp. He doesn’t obtain the famous ice hockey mask until part 3, but even with a bag on his head, he managed to terrify audiences with his various deadly weapon choices.

1. “Friday The 13th”

Without this film you wouldn’t have any of the others, so of course it belongs at number one. This was such a bold move in film at the time, I mean the opening scene is these teens being murdered while enjoying a nice camping trip. Jason is not the killer in the first film, it is his mother  Mrs. Voorhees. This movie introduced us to Crystal Lake and debuted a music score that gave us goosebumps!

What is your favorite “Friday The 13th” film and will you be watching the upcoming TV series?

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