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Which Desperate Housewive’s husband cheated?

eva_parker_1.jpg Model

A model claimed that she was sleeping with Tony Parker, Eva Longoria’s husband and San Antonio Spurs basketball star.

The 25-year-old model, Alexandra Paressant, told that she was introduced to him through soccer player Thierry Henry at the wedding! Paressant was once linked with Brazilian soccer player Ronaldhino.

The fling occurred while Parker was in Paris. Allegedly, that is when he saw Paressant on a day to day basis for sex.

“We had room service. He said that Eva, sexually speaking, does not want to do certain things,” she said.

“She does not want to make love in front of a mirror, does not like [a] certain position and thinks that sperm gives acne.”

She also told the Website that Parker didn’t take the marriage seriously and that he was at a time in his life when he wanted to have fun.

Is the model a fame-whoring liar, or is Parker’s infidelity real? We want to believe that the story’s true…the details are too juicy not to be. Can a model really make this stuff up with their coke-filled brains??

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