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by Chau Tu [10 Feb 2009 | 6 Comments | 894 views]
THE SCOOP: Ryan Gosling + Rachel McAdams

*Click**Flash* *Cha-ching!* Ah…the life of the paparazzo in the City of Angels. Always clicking, constantly stalking, unceasing in their obsession to prowl on the Hollywood meek. But who needs those burly, aggressive, sweaty men with overly pompous cameras? Not us. We’ve got THE SCOOP, thank you very much, a new section for readers to submit their own info on their own terms. Have a pic you took of/with a celebrity? Do you have a scoop that everyone must know? Are you just itching to tell a secret that you shouldn’t tell but will anyway? Well, stop hesitating! Send them over to: THEPOPFIX@gmail.com and tell those paps to geddada here!

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by Chau Tu [6 Feb 2009 | One Comment | 162 views]
REVIEW: Coconut Records

I’ll just be straight to you from the beginning – I LOVE Jason Schwartzman. There’s just something about his hipster looks, his cool and laid-back demeanor, his witty cadence, those puppy dog eyes that make me adore him, in that whole ‘I just want to be your friend!’ sort of way.
So I was probably more invested than most in the idea of Schwartzman as a solo musician (obviously, he was the drummer of Phantom Planet who helped to create that unforgettable anthem of “California,” but what could we really …

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by Chau Tu [15 Jan 2009 | No Comment | 1,010 views]
The 10 Most Anticipated Albums of ‘09

Alright, alright, we all know that 2008 was a bad year – so bad that even the music biz wasn’t spared.
But 2009 is a year of change – and we’re not just talking about President-elect Barack Obama change– there’s actually music worth looking forward to.
We at THE POP FIX have got a list to start you and 2009 off on the right foot, because face it, what’s a new year without new music to anticipate?  And mind you, most of these albums are all set to be released …

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by Chau Tu [3 Dec 2008 | No Comment | 20 views]

The battle is on!  L.A. is playing host to a full-on, fist-to-fist brawl this Sunday as three of music’s finest come out to show everyone what they’ve got.  So where should you go to feast your ears and get your feet moving?  THE POP FIX has got the lowdown right here for you…
The three bands duking out this week are some of those who know the indie rock scene the best: the British, and some new dwellers of the ultra-hip scene of Echo Park.  Keane is headlining Largo at the …