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It’s About Time Lil’ Wayne Made a Bad Song

by Erin Darling 30 January 2009 4,499 views 8 Comments E-mail Erin Darling


There comes a time in every rapper’s career where he must ask himself the ever-important question, “Can I really keep living my life making up these meaningless songs about money and hoes?” Most rappers pause for a minute, polish their bling, look at their mansion full of “tip-drills” and “baby mamas” and then answer this question with a resounding, “Yes.”

Apparently, Lil’ Wayne found himself at this familiar crossroad recently, but he decided to stand up and go against the grain, this time writing a song about money and underage jail-bait.

Wayne’s new single,”Prom Queen” is definitely on the experimental side. And by experimental, I mean you might have to experiment with mind-altering drugs before listening to it.

While I can always appreciate when a musician decides to step outside of the what the mainstream radio-listening-audience considers to be normal, I consider this to be nothing more than an attempt to see if people would justify buying a piece of crap as long as it has his name on it….and I like where he’s going with this.

As horrifying as this single is (how else would one describe Wayne’s wailings over a rock-inspired beat and lyrics that include, “I love the fancy underwear, I sit behind her every year”), watch it sell, and catch on big time, proving that most people lose all proper sense of judgement after a hit record. That said, I’d like to take this moment to admit that I did purchase “Tha Carter III,” and think it’s was the best rap album of 2008. Lil’ Wayne, it’s about time you released a bad single. If you haven’t heard it yet, check out one of the first You Tube videos of “Prom Queen.” DISCLAIMER: THE POP FIX is not responsible for any ear, or brain damage one might experience after watching this clip.

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  • Patrick said:

    Lil wayne plays guitar, all nine notes of the verse. Huge breakthrough.

  • Ian said:

    This song scares me.

  • elphaba said:

    This was a perfect example of what I think too. Prom queen is creepy, his voice is too scratchy and I KNOW if I ever saw him, he’d rape me–and I’m a boy.

  • bob said:

    lil wayne is the shit, stop hating beyatch

  • kate said:

    i love lil wayne, i dont know what your talk ing about

  • Erin said:

    Hey Kate/Bob.
    I love Lil’ Wayne too, maybe you should read the article next time. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Zack said:

    Silent guitar solo? Why not just air guitar? Is it only there to make a rapper who has enjoyed explosive overnight success feel like he’s just that much cooler?

  • Zenith said:

    he’s past his peak

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