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Top 10 albums of 2007

by thepopfix 14 December 2007 283 views No Comment E-mail thepopfix

First of all…

I’d like to preface this by saying; what the h happened to the music industry? Did everyone forget how to make a complete album, or did they just stop caring when they realized that everyone goes on itunes and only buys the single anyway? Either way, with all of the music released this year, I actually found it difficult to select a top 10. So I decided to approach the topic with a sense of humor…

Click to see who made the cut!

Top 10 albums of 2007

10. Bat For Lashes. “Fur and Gold”

Want to know why Bat for Lashes make the list?

(image via The Sun)

Because Natasha Khan looks like Nicole Scherzinger on psychedelics with a $200 dollar gift certificate to American Apparel. However, wardrobe choices aside, “Fur and Gold” really is a great album.

9. Robin Thicke. “The Evolution of Robin Thicke”

If sex was a 19-track album, “The Evolution of Robin Thicke” would be it. End. Of. Story.

8. Britney Spears. “Blackout”

No one can deny that Brit’s had a rough year. When I first heard she was in the studio furiously trying to finish an album for her so-called comeback, I’ll admit, I was skeptical. I mean, look at the cover…a five year old kid with autism could photoshop something more presentable together. But I’m a good person, and I don’t judge an album by its lame cover. Good thing I didn’t. From my first listen, I was hooked. This is definitely THE infectious girly-pop album of the year.

BUT, bad choice on the title. “Blackout?” Really Britney? Did you have to name it that? We all know you probably have little to no recollection of the past year of your life, but did you have to advertise it? There isn’t even a track on this album named “Blackout.” Do you not remember recording this?

7. “Across the Universe” (Music From the Motion Picture)

I usually don’t like covers of songs that are amazing in the first place, but this collection of songs penned by The Beatles has been remade and remixed extraordinarly well.

6. Jose Gonzalez. “In Our Nature”

Not his best work, but “In Our Nature” has enough consistent style to make the cut.

(image via Rolling Stone)

5. Timbaland. “Shock Value”

Can Timbaland make a bad song? Is it possible? Does he have a 6th sense of awesomeness that the rest of us are all missing? He’s like the musical King Midas. Everything this guy touches turns to gold…Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, One Republic, etc.

(image via popmatters.com)

4. The Shins. “Wincing the Night Away”

Listen to this album and tell me it doesn’t sound the like result of 14 days on acid in a bubble bath with frequent visits to the pet-shop. This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever listened to, the weirdness of the artwork and song titles are just bonuses.

Oh, and if you question me on my bubble bath theory, buy the album and listen to “Red Rabbits.”

3. Radiohead. “In Rainbows”

What do you do when the music industry is in shambles and everybody illegally downloads your songs on limewire? Give your album away. That’s right, the geniuses known as Radiohead decided to jump the gun, cut out the middle man and release their seventh album for donations…which means FREE, if you’re like most people. Great idea, Radiohead. It’s so crazy, it just might work!

2. Amy Winehouse. “Black to Black”

She’s undeniably talented at both singing and writing, and has six grammy noms to prove it! I just wish she’d give up this drug addiction business and say “yes, yes, yes” to rehab already!

1. Feist. “The Reminder”

This album was a shining beacon of hope for the pop music industry. This album is immaculate, creative, innovative and complete. Good job, Feist. You WIN!

For TIME Magazine’s top 10, click here.

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