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A POP FIX EXCLUSIVE: “Twilight” Star Engaged?

by Erin Darling 24 March 2009 21 Comments E-mail Erin Darling

One of the leading cast members from the mega-movie, “Twilight” might be engaged. Because this is unconfirmed, and only based on Twitter conversations (which have recently been erased, making this story all the more mysterious) THE POP FIX isn’t going to tell you which actor it is.

However, that’s not going to prevent us from posting the screen shot of the mystery conversation…

Attention all cyber-sleuths, leave your best guesses in a juicy comment below.

Image via THE POP FIX, 2009

Image via THE POP FIX, 2009

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  • Robert Pattinson Fansclub » Blog Archive » “Twilight” Star Engaged? said:

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  • Chad said:

    Is it R-Patz? Engaged to K-Stew?

  • padme30 said:

    I think it is RPattz and Kristen Stewart because he has been turning down ladies right and left! And he also stated he wasn’t anyone’s boyfriend. And judgeing by the looks those two have been giving each other lately I would stake my firstborn son on it! And that is strange that it suddenly gets erased.hmmm

  • natt said:

    ROB IS NOT GAY he is dating kristen.

  • helsbels said:

    HELLiHavtaSay~ Hopin it’s ‘ROBSTEN.’
    HELLa YES!
    Or…it could be just Another disappointing FAKE OUT.

  • tru said:

    (@hels above: good to read you gyrl! we taggin?)

    !!!!!GO ROBSTEN!!!!!-?

    @Padme30: Nice to read you again here & elswher gyrl! ALWAYS LOVE what your sayin when posting (AND you’d stake your firstborn too! Big Stakes there…LMHO!) Cuteness.
    Do you think this may be legit convo?
    why do you think this board was erased? thanx if could answer:
    here or feelstrue@live.com

  • padme30 said:

    Hey Tru whatz up!Well in my opinion this does not seem to be a well known site and not much traffic thru here it appears so yea I think it is a very strong possibility that it is true.Oh and natt up there,that was my 8yr old son he is also so tired of hearing the Rob is gay rumors.LOL he is very opinionated for a little guy and he has a old soul too!A few gay guys that i know are very self consious not sure if I spelled that right!haha and they are very mindful of their appearance and plus they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the same clothes over and over for days and they always shave no bearded appearance.Rob is just the average normal 22yr old straight guy…

  • Muckadeezy said:

    @natt I realize your eight, but how do you know what gay people do?
    @padme30 If this isn’t a well known site, then why do you believe this twitter screen shot? You make no sense.

    It’s Rob Patterson, and what I gather is that he may have not worn protection. FYI, the popfix is known in LA for their style style and fashion stories.

  • Muckabreezy said:

    Hey Muckadeezy,

    You sound hot! You really think that Pattinson knocked some chickadee up? That shit is crazy! Whoa!

    Let’s make out!

  • padme30 said:

    I was only saying that I had never heard of this site before and only found it.From this site talking about twilight romance so real or some crap like that,but someone named Jon had made a comment saying twilight romance real ha!that’s not what I heard and he had this web address listed under it.And just going by the views which is only a little over 300,I don’t really think of that as a very well known/or traveled site.And my son understands that 2 guys can be boyfriends just like a girl and boy can also be bf/gf and besides kids nowadays are way smarter than even when I was his age.They understand alot more than what we give them credit for!!!

  • padme30 said:

    And if you think about it,a smaller site in my opinion would have a little more credibility because not that many people on to taint it.And the less it’s known it just would stand out a little bit to me.Idk That is why it is so mysterious to me because I have not seen anything about this buzzed about anywhere else,this would be big news..

  • anakin 1 said:

    Yea I can tell you exactly who it is,Rob Pattinson and his fiance is longtime girlfriend from London Elaina Arora she is a tall,slim light tanned brunette and she is 18 wks pregnant and not a very nice person apparently when a girl went up to him a week or so ago she was very rude and he said it is okay just calm down.And she is also the mysterious brunette seen yelling at him at a Los Angeles bar not long ago and several other people have seen them together and her family owns hotels in London and she is afraid because of all the fan girls and Rob really loves her and apparently his pr people will not let him disclose until after new moon is released but she is due in august and he gave her his grandmothers ring and this makes Rob really look like a jerk! I just couldn’t believe how stupid Rob could be,man like Kristen said he can’t lie very well.That makes sense why he says he is single because his pr people didn’t want this major crap to hit the fan.And it was apparently confirmed by someone called df.This just ruins the rest of the twilight movies because of this little enlightenment coming to the surface. Its also on who dated who celeb.site and the comments are flying with all similar spottings this could be the brunette he was talking to at his hotel and people assumed it was megan fox.Sorry Rob but you are so busted! He has managed to hide it from the papzz but not likely now.

  • tru said:

    SHOCK drop…….!

    How do you know this to be a fact?
    Are you implying all the Rob and Kris are “close,” & rumors in Toyko ‘jj-Pinto-elle’ board, etc, now is JUST PR COVER?

    Sorrow us for that kind of false hope….

    (BUT we true well-wishers ultimately just want those they follow to be Truly HAPPY–whatever truth really is….)

  • helsbels said:

    anakin1 –WHAT THE HELLShidingSHIZT……?

    1-There is so little believable on boards, what is your credibility?
    Please someone with info response if can…….
    (MAJOR deprssion heding my way–but now tru will tell me to be HAPPY for other ppl’s Happiness…(-dammit tru, y i luv u so?!

    2-Why in hell are there ‘STAR WARS’ named ppl commenting on here?

    (3-did you get our SarahMc tikts tru? u&me & Ptld-Bs! email!)

  • tru said:

    (I posted back to anakin1 earlier today–why didn’t it show here??)

    please share your cred with us -okay?

    STUNNED IF THIS TRUE…! So sorrowed on us for being wishful fools.
    TRUTH & THESE PPLS’ INVOLVED HAPPINESS……..They should just be able to LIVE. PLEASE PRs.

    What WAS that “jj-pinto-elle” board really about…MORE SPINNING??
    We’re all getting JERKED around.
    But of course cure for that is: WE THEN SHOULD STOP SURFING& READING.

    And yes Hels- Happiness for Others’ happiness is Truly A GOOD THING!!
    (…treat others way you wish be -rmember???)& GOTtics!

  • tru said:

    Helenbels- pick,up,ur ph….read YOURTEXTS!!!

    If you overreact to this most likely NONSENSE POST!!

    You know I will. Pick up. I know you my type here.
    still luv u but pick up!! -t

  • bez said:

    We can all cry–or rejoice or not give a SH*T, your perspective.
    Truth? Go to below:



  • lex said:

    why are you so on it about rob and his fiance i met them they are very nice people and her ring is beautiful. i have a photo of the two im not sure how to post it up and she was not rude but she was not nice maybe its a british thing i met them at a place called desi they were eating. i asked so are you the one hes always with and she said for a few years now i love him alot and he said love you too so sorry im going with its true.

  • Lina said:

    Lex, here’s my email ms.thumbelina1@gmail.com…just email it to me and i will help you post it up here for sure. Seems like everyone would love to know if its true or not… you’d be like a lifesaver.. ;)

  • Diane said:

    This entire rumor has been debunked as FAKE….


  • Seychelle Jean said:

    Twilight is the best movie i ever watched. I really love the vampire love story theme and i like Bella Swans character.

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