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by popfix [29 Jan 2009 | 2 Comments | 967 views]
Jennifer Hudson Returns into “The Spotlight”

Jennifer Hudson returned to work after the tragedy that occurred with the deaths of her mother, uncle, and nephew last year. She began shooting her music video for her second single, “If This Isn’t Love,” yesterday in Los Angeles. 

Along with the video, the songstress is on a full schedule to promote her debut album, “Spotlight.”
Check out her upcoming appearances/performances at:
MusiCares Performance- Feb. 6, 2009
The Grammys- Feb. 8, 2009
Video Debut- Feb. 9, 2009
National Anthem @ The Superbowl

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by popfix [29 Jan 2009 | 2 Comments | 1,725 views]
Rachel says: Mickey Rourke? He’s too old!

Remember Evan Rachel Wood? You know, the girl who was said to have an incestuous relationship with her dad, Mickey Rourke (well, at least in The Wrestler?) Now the girl who tenderly  sucked Rourke’s juicy collagen-filled lips to see what collagen tasted like, is stating that hey, he’s too old for me!
Now, in a statement to Rolling Stones, Rachel’s saying:
I’m upset because I feel disrespected by the press and by Mr. Rourke. Just because I’m single doesn’t mean that you can take advantage of me. It’s unfair that the performances …

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by Rudy Klapper [29 Jan 2009 | One Comment | 1,626 views]
Review: Franz Ferdinand-Tonight


Scottish foursome Franz Ferdinand always towered above many of their peers with their concise blasts of tuneful guitar hooks, dance rhythms, and singer Alex Kapranos’ wry, irrepressibly clever lyrics.  Franz Ferdinand’s third album, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, has been three years in the making, and longtime fans expecting a return to the angular post-punk guitar ricochets of You Could Have It So Much Better and their self-titled debut will be more than a little disappointed with this latest outing.’
Kapranos himself has stated that Tonight was to be “quite new . …