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THE POP FIX Exclusive: Q&A with “Gossip Girl” Designer, Abigail Lorick

by thepopfix 16 February 2009 10 Comments E-mail thepopfix

By Carrie Pestritto, guest writer

Source: CW

Source: CW

If you’re a fan of the CW’s Gossip Girl, like I am, you’re absolutely addicted to the show not just because of the juicy plot lines, but maybe more because of the absolutely fabulous clothes. Eleanor Waldorf’s fashion line is actually made by designer Abigail Lorick, whose line, LORICK, has received much notice and publicity. Lorick, a former Ford Model, began modeling at the age of 15. I talked with Abigail in this THE POP FIX Exclusive, about how she got started in the fashion industry, the concept of the LORICK Lady, and the future of her line.

Source: The Observer

Source: The Observer

Q: How did you first get interested in fashion design? Did you always want to be a designer or did this spring from your time working as a Ford model?

A: I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a fashion designer. I absolutely loved costumes and dressing up. It was after I had been modeling full time for over four years that I felt a transition was due. I started taking classes as FIT (The Fashion Institute of Technology) and got an internship at T.S. Dixin.

Q: Did you learn the fundamental of design when you attended FIT or before?

A: I have been sketching and designing for as long as I can remember. Attending FIT sharpened by skills, but I truly learned how to sketch and through working in the business.

Q: How did you get your start at T.S. Dixin and what did your job there involve?

A: I started off as an intern and then was hired after six months. I worked vigorously for the company, as if it were my own. I was involved with everything from sourcing, fabrics, buttons, overseeing production in India, working on fitting, producing, art direction, photo shoots, sales, shipping—basically, I worked on anything and everything that you can imagine going on in a small, new fashion brand.

Q: Tell me about T.S. Dixin’s production manager in India, Verma Singh, and his role in launching your own line and how it affected your plans.

A: Our production manager, Verma Singh, left and went to another factory. He approached me and explained that the new factory he was working in wanted to enter into the American market and thought I would be a great gateway. They proposed funding all of my sampling if I would take care of everything else. It was a phone call I never expected to get so soon in my career. This phone call was a dream come true! This happened in April of 2007 and LORICK was launched in September 2007.

Leighton Meester is the epitome of Lorick fashion, says designer Abigail Lorick

Leighton Meester is the epitome of Lorick fashion, says designer Abigail Lorick

Q: An integral part of the LORICK conception is the LORICK Lady. Do the characters wearing your clothing on Gossip Girl accurately represent the LORCIK Ladies who are your target demographic?

A: I believe that Blair is a great representation of our LORICK girls. She embraces the idea of “dressing up” with every outfit. Blair is always dressed with her own personal style seeping out of her from head to toe. I hope that our LORICK Ladies embrace getting dressed, enjoying the process to the fullest and making it a great start to their days. This is essentially the concept of LORICK.

Q: What as the relationship between the show and your line meant for your success?

A: Gossip Girl really put LORICK on the map. Because of the show, we had two of our dresses photographed in The New York Times before we even launched the line! The show has been a huge blessing for us—it has really brought a lot of recognition to the brand. The two backless dresses that Blair and Serena wore in the “Bad News Blair” episode became our best sellers for that season.

Source: InStyle

Source: InStyle

Q: Do you think your design aesthetic has changed or evolved since you first debuted the line?

A: The LORICK aesthetic grows a little each season as our Ladies grow in their lives and as the world around them changes. I aspire for the design aesthetic to always be evolving.

Q: Has having your clothing featured on Gossip Girl affected whom you design for?

A: For our Spring ’09 collection, I was definitely thinking about Gossip Girl, because they were planning their fashion show episode, in which Eleanor Waldorf’s line is shown at New York Fashion Week.

Source: Lorick

Source: Lorick

Q: I would love to know what inspires you and how you come up with your designs—for instance, what you drew from when designing your upcoming Fall ’09 collection?

A: Going forward for Fall ’09, I have really evaluated our current Lady: who she is and where she is going in her daily life. The inspiration for this collection comes from a lot of different sources. I was really inspired by Frederico Fellini’s films, 8 ½ and La Dolce Vita. There is always this harmonious chaos that elegantly flows through his films. I tried to create that feeling in the collection, because I think that, in these times, our Ladies are dealing with a lot of chaos. I was also very much inspired by The Bride Wore Black—the strength and beauty that Moreau carries throughout the film is very moving.

Q: What do you see as the perks and downfalls of the fashion industry?

A: Seeing a woman’s confidence grow the moment she puts on a garment that I designed is a priceless perk. Those moments never grow old. As for the pitfalls—honestly, I try not to focus on the negative.

Q: As a young woman who was able to successfully start her own line, what would you say to other young girls who are aspiring designers?

A: Go for your dream—don’t hesitate or hold off your decisions. It is so important to unreservedly love designing, because there is so much work that goes into having your own collection. If you do not love those moments of designing with all your heart, it will not be worth it. Believe, believe, believe!

To learn more about Abigail’s line, LORICK, visit www.loricknewyork.com.

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  • Gossipmygirls said:

    Gossip Girl has truly become a fashion phenomenon because of Ms. Lorick’s designs. My question is if she actually wishes she were in Gossip Girl, living in the Upper East side as a student who can do anything anywhere and still look fabulous.
    She’s so cute. I love her look and wish I could one day aspire to be a fashion desinger.

  • Rachel1897 said:

    Gossip girl is one of my favorite shows and I have to admit that the designer is pretty BOMBBBBBBBBBB. Everything I see on that show sells out in stores, everyone wants to dress like a Gossip gil.

  • skindetoxgirl said:

    Gossip Girl is the best TV Series for me. every teenage girl love this TV Series.

  • MelatoninSideEffects said:

    Gossip Girl is probably one of the sexiest TV Show. you have the very beautiful Blake Lively and of course Leighton Meester

  • Evelyn Reed said:

    I love Blake Lively of Gossip Girl she is so damn pretty.-;’

  • Morgan Palmer said:

    Michelle Trachtenberg of Gossip Girl is the most beautiful, she is better than Blake Lively.’,~

  • Hannah Garcia said:

    i really like michelle trachtenberg on gossip gilr, she is nice and pretty *’,

  • Acne Remedies ` said:

    Gossip Girl have very pretty cast, i like Blake and Michelle coz they are really gorgeous’;”

  • Sleep Better %0B said:

    the prettiest girl on Gossip Girl is none other than blake lively, oh i just love her “*”

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