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Bill O’Reilly’s Greatest Hits

by David Yi 1 April 2009 218 views One Comment E-mail David Yi


The egocentric, tyrannic, right-winged megalomania with the vitriolic tongue, creepy stalker ways and triple chin, aka Fox News‘ rating’s savior, Bill O’Reilly, may possibly be the most hated man on television. And damn straight he’s proud of the fact that he’s an overt tool. He brings in ratings.

According to the Los Angeles Times, not only is Fox News still on top in cable news, the “O’Reilly Factor” is still the country’s most debated talk show, bringing in millions of viewers each week.

“We had our people research all programs going back to the ’50s, like ‘Gunsmoke’ and things like that. Nobody’s ever stayed on top this long,” O’Reilly stated in a trade publication.

With millions of minions viewers tuning in every night to listen to his uncompromising tirades on how liberals are destroying the planet faster than AIDS, or how illegal Mexican immigrants are to blame for America’s DUIs, or watching him getting into a fist fight at an Obama rally, this man knows what viewers like.


Though the man deserves all of the hatred he receives from everyone from liberals to even conservatives, you can’t deny that the man has some balls. Some hairy, sagging, steel balls at that. Here are O’Reilly’s Greatest Hits:

Bill O’Reilly’s Greatest Hits

8. Bill O’Reilly vs. David Letterman:

Back when the United States was going through a heated debate over the war in Iraq, the ‘Reilly challenged Letterman head-to-head with another war–the one with words. The late night host was visibly intimidate by O’Reilly, but never backed down, telling the pundit to start criticizing himself.

7. Bill O’Reilly vs. Jon Stewart

The man that causes other news show hosts to get ousted was a little timid when interviewing with Bill. The normally outspoken Stewart who made a fool of the crazy financial analyst on MSNBC had little to say when questioned about his own antics and liberal beliefs.

6. Bill O’Reilly vs. Stephen Colbert

This hilarious interview with Stephen Colbert made O’Reilly visibly peeved. The pundit attempted to shake Colbert out of character but failed to make John Stewart’s former sidekick squirm. O’Reilly tried everything, even outing Colbert on the real pronunciation of his name (read: KohL-Bert), but in the end, was unsuccessful in his dry attempt.

5. Bill O’Reilly vs. Inside Edition

What’s more embarassing, the fact that Bill O’Reilly’s hair looks like a cheap, $3 toupee, or the fact that he used to work for Inside Edition? In this clip O’Reilly becomes flustered over not being able to read the teleprompter’s script, and then bursting into a Rush Limbaugh-sized tirade. We’re sure the intern was fired. However, his hairstylist was promoted to working with Donald Trump.

4.Bill O’Reilly vs. High School Kid

Sex is bad. And sex is even worse when it’s talked about in school. And O’Reilly is next o Jesus when it comes to talking and preaching about sex. After all, he is the upstanding citizen who wrote a book for children. So when a high school kid who stands up to the man who could do no wrong, he’s not only lambasted, but grilled like a piece of lamb on a Moraccan Thanksgiving. But in the end, it’s the high school kid who gets the last laugh when he points out just how sucky Bill’s book really is. Go kid, go! We’re positive that this kid got laid after the interview. *high five*As for O’Reilly? Read on.

3. Bill O’Reilly vs. Geraldo Rivera

Now what does an illegal Mexican have to do with DUIs and drunk driving? Everything! We blame the Mexicans for overpopulation, so obviously they’re to blame for all drunk driving-related incidences in America. This is a classic moment in O’Reilly’s repertoire where he completely goes ape s*** and crawls under the skin of normally level-headed, Geraldo Rivera. We’re probably sure that O’Reilly completely flipped out on Rivera because he thought he was Mexican. Actually, we’re pretty sure this was the case.

2. Bill O’Reilly vs. Obama staff member

Don’t people know not to mess with Irish drunks men? This clip proves that O’Reilly definitely has more bite than we expected. At the rally, O’Reilly pushes an Obama staff member that he believes is blocking Fox News’ shot. It’s classic, it’s awesome, it’s completely ridiculous. Watch as Obama shakes O’Reilly’s hand in the end–what a gentleman.

1. Bill O’Reilly vs. Sexual Harassment suit

What tops O’Reilly’s Greatest Hits list? This clip from Vh1 with an actual transcript of Bill being very, very naughty. Not only does he want to take a hot, hot, shower with his former producer, he wants to rub her out with something so sexy and hot. Something delicious and hard. Something so hot and spicy it’d make anyone sweat…something like… a good ol’ falafal? Whoa there, Bill, what the hell? O’Reilly, you really are a nasty boy who knows how to get out of nasty situations by settlling out of court.

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  • Hanna said:

    Bill O is REDIC, and these videos prove how funny it is! Hehe

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