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by Gerardo Mendez 9 June 2009 4,912 views 3 Comments E-mail Gerardo Mendez

“I look like Grace Jones, androgynous, robo, future fashion queen. It’s not what is sexy. It’s graphic, and it’s art…”-Lady Gaga

Image via Ladygagaonline.net

Image via Ladygagaonline.net

Lady Gaga seems to have more manifestations than Madonna herself. And that’s saying a lot. In a few months she has gone from anonymity into a worshipped queen of pop, and not just pop music, but pop culture in general. Thus, nothing better than portraying her in THE POP FIX, since she is such a driving force not only nationally, but a global, an unstoppable fashion glamazon, in her own terms. With outrageous lyrics, and outfits to match, she has made every single head on both the music and the fashion industry turn and bow. And believe me, the whole world is bowing down to her two hit singles, number one in both the US and UK, the biggest markets to conquer. No need to drop designer names. No need for expensive boutiques. All she does is take a garment and make it her own, bless it with a personality and make it the next sensation.

I actually had a hard time putting together the images I wanted to show in this article, because there are so many that deserve attention. And when I wanted to show clothes to emulate the look, the task became even tougher, since she is so original and out there, that not many designers are equipped to handle her. In fact, I believe the only one who can actually look like Lady Gaga is someone wearing the original clothes! At any rate, it cannot be denied that she has got talent not only for singing, but for choosing the right outfits to keep her fans loyal and her detractors quiet.

Image via Ladygaga.com

Image via Ladygaga.com

A big theme for Gaga is the “no-pants” approach. She has been seen in several occasions wearing no pants or skirts or shorts, basically leotards or underwear in solid colors. There are three particular looks I believe need mentioning: the first is the bubble dress, which is basically a leotard covered in plastic bubbles, accessorized by metallic shoes. A very 80’s influenced attired (not in the bubbles, of course), puts her into a whole new category of sexy, crossing borders like John Galliano would, keeping “safe” in the closet and showing those perfect legs. Then, with a white jacket and pink ankle boots, she shoes the look’s possibilities are endless, especially considering the color of choice: all soft, from her hair to the feet, she enables the observer to focus on texture and colors, as if she was not promoting her music or her persona, but the art of fashion itself. And the white and blue iconic ensemble speaks for itself. By showing a complete disregard to common structure, she wears a hat and even covers on her arm, distancing herself from any egotistical choice of looking sexy, in order to become art herself. Because in the root of fashion, there’s pure art, creation and beauty. Gaga, in a formidable leap of confidence, showed herself as not only a trend setter, but a fearless fashionista looking to establish an style for the world to follow, in stead of just wearing tight jeans, long blouses and pretending to know a bit about fashion (think Jessica Simpson).

Image via Ladygagaonline.net

Image via Ladygagaonline.net

Another fantastic trend she has portrayed is the accessories that exclude typical collars or small details in the hair. When Gaga does something, it must be done right. She has worn military hats in black, bows of fabric or paper, fabric caps and even the hair-bow (made with real hair, copied by Paris Hilton), to top a look already mesmerizing, that includes dark glasses with rectangular frames and biker-gloves (popularized by Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld), worn from everyone from Victoria Beckham in the Spice Girls’ tour, to Blake Lively in Gossip Girl), in what seems to be one of the few elements inspired by others that she has incorporated to her wardrobe. Needless to say, the accessories are as provocative as the clothes, wearing a newspaper attire with a huge bow on the left breast, to distressed pants and blouse, to match the huge bag, a second trend she does follow in her own ways. Even a regular tight skirt is brought to life by the original black bow on the head and the matching bra, not limited by any blazer (a trend Victoria Beckham tried to impose in the 90’s.

Image via Ladygagaonline.net

Image via Ladygagaonline.net

There is also a sense of re-creating. On his last fall collection, Alexander McQueen locked his models’ heads on cages, as if those were hats. Lady Gaga’s interpretation seems to be shoulder pads with golden details, topping a silk blouse, and those unforgettable “pantless” legs.

I could go on and on for hours discussing her fashion choices, but the described ones seem for me to be the most respectable ones, specially for the potential they have to become household fashion trends and not only mere reflections of the artistic eye she seems to have developed over time, the same that nourishes her videos and live performances. It is clear that she understands how fashion, videos, music and personality need to come together to make a regular person an idol. And she has single-handedly become one.

How to achieve a similar look? Grab a pair of aviator sunglasses from target.com, newsboy cap, blazer and pumps. Top it all off with an oversized bag, and go get ‘em!

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  • Lady G said:

    So hot, She is amazing

  • Natalia said:

    Yeah, I love her voice.

    BTW - check out this exclusive live performance featuring Poker Face (acoustic version), Just Dance and many others…enjoy!

  • Joe said:

    She is a Madonna wannabe but there is only one Madonna The Queen of Pop!

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