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by Erin Darling [15 Sep 2009 | 23 Comments | 236,683 views]
THE POP FIX PRESENTS: Top 100 Singers Of All Time

It’s that time again, people. Award season. And instead of honoring Jay-Z, Taylor Swift and Britney Spears for their contributions to recent music and pop culture, THE POP FIX has decided to compile a list of musicians who have permanently left their mark on popular culture, influencing the current generations of superstars and wannabes. Although this may be shocking, music actually did exist before Kanye West. Just don’t tell him we said it. This project was inspired by the “Rolling Stone” version of the 100 best singers. We hate to admit it, but basically we thought it was a joke. Sadly, it wasn’t. And although it’s understood that people will probably never agree on a list of the top 100 singers the world has ever seen (and especially with who lands at number one) THE POP FIX and fellow contributors comprised of music writers, former music students and music producers thought we could make a better list based on the following criteria…