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“Weird Al” Yankovic’s New Parody Tracks

by Skylyr Ballew 15 July 2014 No Comment E-mail Skylyr Ballew

Weird AlYankovic is back and he is full of new parodies. Continuing the art of being a musician-parodist, Yankovic has took on some of the most recent popular songs. He does this by skillfully criticizing today’s pop culture society, without personally attacking someone. Through his light humor we are able to laugh through popular songs that have made us go mad due to nonstop radio play. There will be a new music video every day of this week for the songs off of his album “Mandatory Fun.”

7 – 14: Today the world is gifted with the music video for the song “Tacky,” which is a parody of Pharrell’s hit track “Happy.” The video is full of celebrity cameos including Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet, Kristen Schaal and Jack Black.

7 – 15: Yankovic has released the music video for “Word Crimes,” where he takes on bad grammar. Maybe one day he’ll ask Kristin Mineo to duet with him in an ultimate salute to the grammar police. Check out the music video below.

7 – 16:
Lorde may be new to the game, but she is still vulnerable to “Weird Al’s” parody ways. This time he is taking on her hit single, “Royals.” Watch the video below to understand his appreciation for aluminum foil.

7 – 17: Iggy Azalea’s top hit “Fancy” has also landed it’s spot on the album “Mandatory Fun.” Check out the parody of this song titled, “Handy.

7 – 18: This one is for all you marching band fans. “Weird Al” wants you to know that your sport team sucks. Check out the video for “Sports Song.”

7 – 19: We’re all guilty of those #FirstWorldProblems tweets and “Weird Al” is showing us how ridiculous we can get sometimes. Click below for “First World Problems” from “Mandatory Fun.”

7 – 20: This song is like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, “Weird Al” explains to us his celebrity connections. Enjoy the stop motion video for “Lame Claim to Fame.”

7 – 21: Yankovic is calling out all those annoying office buzzwords and lingo. Watch below for the final video from his #8Days8Videos campaign with “Mission Statement.”

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