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by thepopfix [2 Apr 2008 | One Comment | ]
Whispers: Shh…Gossip Supposed to be on the DL

Which femcee whose album keeps being pushed back and whose lips are always “poppin” is actually, get this, in her 30s?
“The young starlet is actually really old,” our reliable source at W***** Music Group said. “Obviously they’re playing into her being young so that they can sell more albums. But come on, look at her, everyone knows that she’s obviously not a teen.”
Do you believe this??

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by David Yi [2 Apr 2008 | One Comment | ]
NBC’s Fall Lineup

Variety reported that NBC released information on the upcoming fall lineup of its shows. One of the biggest announcements was a spinoff of “The Office” debuting right after the Super Bowl.
Here are other highlights from the report you can find here.
Other highlight of the upcoming season include:
-The Biggest Loser: Family Edition on Tuesdays
-A new series on Camelot called “Merlin” will debut on Sundays at 8 p.m.
-Friday Night Lights will return in the Winter.
-The following shows will be renewed: ER, 30 Rock, Medium, Law & Order, and surprisingly, Lipstick Jungle.
- Matthew …

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by David Yi [2 Apr 2008 | No Comment | ]
THE POP FIX Predicts: Poppin’ Artist


Already no. 1 in the UK, Estelle is demanding attention from American fans with her single, “American Boy” featuring Kanye West. The singer released her newest album “SHINE” last month under John Legend’s new record label, HomeSchool Records.
Already a success in her home country of England, Estelle is becoming recognized as being the first lady of hip hop in her home country.
The premise for “American Boy” was actually a bit of a joke, said Estelle to The London Paper. She recorded it with Will.I.Am and both of them agreed that …

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by thepopfix [28 Mar 2008 | No Comment | ]
Video Fix-ation: Pequena Hillary

Ever wonder what Hillary Clinton would look like if she were a 3-foot tall, buck-toothed, table dancing Mexican man? If you always wanted that mental image inculcated into your brain, check this video out of this self-proclaimed Hillary Clinton. In it you’ll find that this faux Hillary is getting frisky to the other Hillary’s (Duff) song, kissing Bill’s picture to the camera, strangely playing a saxophone, while lifting her skirt up to fully shake her bum bum unabashedly. The best part is when the man says “Bote Por Me” exactly …

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by Erin Darling [27 Mar 2008 | No Comment | ]
The Tomato is Worth the Squeeze

This past weekend, a friend and I had the crucial task of bringing appetizers to a family Easter celebration. The average college student presented with this challenge would probably head for the frozen section of Trader Joe’s for taquitos and egg rolls, but we wanted to take the road less traveled. Considering the fact that we’re big fans of the McDonald’s breakfast menu, sorority girls don’t always strive for sophistication and class in our culinary choices. Regardless, we decided that we wanted to make the appetizers ourselves.

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by Erin Darling [26 Mar 2008 | No Comment | ]
Giving the Green Light for “Speed Racer”

There’s nothing worse than watching a poorly cast movie that had the potential for greatness. Anyone that’s seen “Pearl Harbor” knows exactly what I’m talking about. Although Hollywood loves to match up a dynamic duo that can light up the silver screen, casting directors occasionally miss the mark. But if it’s energy and talent you’re looking for, we predict that the cast of this summer’s “Speed Racer” will deliver.

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by Erin Darling [20 Mar 2008 | No Comment | ]

MAC is always coming out with the most fresh ideas in products and ad campaigns, and their Spring 2008 collections are no exception. Inspired by French graphic artist Fafi, this collection is bold, bright and in your face.

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by thepopfix [20 Mar 2008 | 2 Comments | ]
There Will Be Bros

SCENE 1: A fraternity house somewhere in Los Angeles. Around 1 in the afternoon, the day after Explosions in the Sky played at the Wiltern. The phone rings. “Oh, sh*t bro. You’ll never guess what I did last night. No, not Courtney. Well, yeah, but that was after. Dude. Explosions in the Football Night. Or Night of the Friday Explosions. Or something like that. But it was this totally dope epic rock show. You knew it was epic because of all the same notes being played over and over and over really loud and you knew it was rock because I had my shirt off showing deez guns! When da guns come out, rock has happened, right bro? Anyway, this band was just spitting game and being tight all over the place by bashing chords and rolling around on the floor like rad snakes or something. And then they got all soft sometimes and sensitive, like when you wear a condom and remember her name. Yeah. But the niceness doesn’t last because it EXPLODES into more loud awesome! F*CK YEAH. Anyway dude, you shoulda been there. See you at SAE dude. Don’t wear your brown Volcom shirt because I am gonna wear mine. On second thought let’s not even wear shirts!!!”