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by Kristin Mineo [25 Feb 2014 | No Comment | ]
What Was He Thinking: Bieber’s Biggest Blunders

In case you haven’t heard the huge news, Justin Bieber confused the whole Internet a few weeks ago when he said he was retiring. He told Power 106 in a radio interview that his next album would be his last album and then declared his retirement from the music industry via Twitter, stating: “My beloved Beliebers, I’m retiring.” According to Justin, “Being a Belieber is a lifestyle.” Pretty sure that lifestyle is a classy one, including urinating into a mop bucket at a restaurant before saying “F*ck Bill Clinton” while spraying a liquid at a picture of the former president’s face. (He tweeted to apologize). Now, this could all just be a ploy to get publicity for the release of his epic movie, “Believe,” or his new compilation album, “Journals.” But, for all of the shenanigans, I’ll admit, I’ll rock out to a Bieber song when it comes on the radio. And I might or might not have made a Justin Bieber “Boyfriend” parody. So, as a tribute to Justin, we here at THEPOPFIX want to celebrate his legacy and all of his glory by counting down the most awkward Bieber moments in this POP 5.

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by Rudy Klapper [24 Mar 2009 | One Comment | ]
MUSIC Review: The Decemberists- The Hazards of Love

For anyone familiar with Oregon-based baroque pop-rockers, The Decemberists, the full-fledged rock/folk opera that is Hazards of Love should come as no surprise, rather, I’m more than a little startled that this hadn’t happened sooner. While the band has flirted with LP-length storylines before, from their earlier EP, The Tain, to 2006′s, The Crane Wife, this is their first attempt at that most conceited of rock conceits, the rock opera, a genre that has laid waste to many a band before them (see: The Who, Tommy).

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by Denise Kuan [27 Feb 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
COMPLETE FASHION WEEK REVIEW: In London, the Future is in the 80′s

London’s designers are usually in their own world, unaffected and untouched by Paris, Milan or New York, but this time around, I wanted to know… did a large majority of them get together with their fellow New York designers to have tea and crumpets while all unanimously deciding to focus on 80′s grunge?

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by David Yi [30 Jan 2009 | 6 Comments | ]
THEPOPFIX Pick: Sam Sparro

Every Friday, THEPOPFIX hand scoops the hottest dudes and flyest chicks of the moment. From far and wide, high and low, THEPOPFIX finds celebutants, musicians, actors, philanthropists, to normal Angelenos in the region who you as readers need to know to be “in-the-know!” So check us out every Friday, and see who’s poppin! Who knows, maybe even you or someone you know may land on our pages! Know someone who should be included in THEPOPFIX Pick? Email us at THEPOPFIX@gmail.com
The Sartorialist- Sam Sparro
Who was out looking fly at “Out100′s” party earlier …

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by thepopfix [2 Apr 2008 | 2 Comments | ]
License to Perform: A Profile On London’s Buskers

Story and Images by Joyce Chen
She doesn’t ask for much – a smile, a tip of the hat, just a smidgen of respect for her craft. Large silver earrings glinting under dim lights, eyes closed with the kind of emotional energy fit for a stage diva, Juliana Lisk croons jazz into her microphone with all the self assurance of a veteran songstress, all the soul of a mature thespian mid-monologue.
Her striking Afro is pulled back away from her face with a simple …

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by David Yi [21 Mar 2008 | No Comment | ]
London Guide to Easter Weekend

When I was growing up in Colorado, Easter was celebrated quietly at church where I was spoiled with candy and taught that Jesus was resurrected on this day. So I always wondered why we ate chocolate covered bunnies instead of chocolate covered Jesuses–then realized later that it would be way too creepy having little kids chewing off Jesus’ head.
In London, Easter is essentially celebrated the same way as in America, except ten times more extreme and festive. Easter to Londoners is a holiday that is so important that students are …

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by David Yi [18 Feb 2008 | No Comment | ]

The winter’s not over, but you’re craving springtime to finally make its entrance.
Even more, you’re craving spring to finally hit so you have a reason to go to France.
The last time you went to Paris was with your lover three moons ago and now you want French cuisine to remind you that once, yes, you were certainly wanted.
Finally you can have all the French you want in London without the 1) travel expenses, 2) having to remember basic French sentences, and 3) having Pierre at the local boulangerie refuse you …

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by David Yi [7 Feb 2008 | No Comment | ]
No Fabric-ation

In a hidden alleyway of the up-and-coming part of Central London, Farringdon, lies Fabric, one of the hippest, and well-known clubs throughout the city. British celebrities including Pete Doherty, who lives in close vicinity, frequent the club best known for its large holding capacity, music, and the fact that it is actually holds two clubs in one.