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NBC Super Bowl Rejects Obama Abortion Ad

by David Yi 31 January 2009 12,172 views 8 Comments E-mail David Yi
Source: Catholic Vote

Source: Catholic Vote

A controversial anti-abortion ad has been pulled from NBC’s Super Bowl line-up.
The ad, by Catholic Vote, challenges Americans to rethink the repercussions of abortion and life without Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States. “Life, Imagine the Potential,” it states.

Controversial? Too much? Is NBC in the right, or are they overreacting?

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  • Denise said:

    Are the Catholics bored? There are people starving in the world that should be given the spotlight on, not babies that might be born or not.

  • ... said:

    Obama was born in a society where abortion was and is legal… just because he was raised by a single mother doesn’t mean this single mother is a “broken family” and doesn’t mean she doesn’t wholly want to have him and doesn’t mean she wants to abort him. This ad portrays abortion as a resort everyone turns to in times of hardship, which probably isn’t true for the majority of Americans who feel as if things aren’t going to be ideal or perfect when they have a baby. so yes, it is powerful ad. but i think we should also consider what it implies beyond the loss of potential.

  • e said:

    if people have the time and energy to put spotlights on dolphins and whales, i think little human beings, no matter their size, should get the spotlight as well.

  • JKwon said:

    I don’t understand the video’s controversy. Stop having abortions. Then again, we’d be overpopulated. Still, people need to stop whoring themselves around and start living it up!

  • Ian said:

    Eh, honestly it’s an old trick- pretty music, a few clips, and the usual slant. If someone replaced Obama with an equally unsavory character, let’s say Kim Jong Il, I suspect it wouldn’t receive such a pleasant reception.

    Why? Because it’s exactly what American politics needs to get away from- feely tripe. All it brings to the debate is more polarized voters without actual knowledge of the issues facing our country. Do we really want more Colorado-style voters who will vote no if the measure includes the word “tax”? Do we really need more uninformed participants who will stomp on civil liberties if their “moral” leader tells them to jump in a multi-million dollar commercial?

    So yes, I’d call this “powerful,” but only in the Machiavellian sense that a well-funded organization is looking for a large, unquestioning group of minions. It serves no one’s best interests to muddy the water in an already tense debate- I’m happy to see the network had the sense to pull it.

  • Erin Turner said:

    I am always against abortion because it is a sin to kill an innocent child.,`~

  • lady gaga lover said:

    someone overthrown him he is inhuman

  • Anti Aging Products %0A said:

    what i can say is that abortion is a sin and it should be deemed illegal by all means `-”

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