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A POP FIX Exclusive: Sneak Peek at Hips and Hair Line for ’09

by Erin Darling 17 February 2009 4 Comments E-mail Erin Darling

The effortlessly cool tee shirt company Hips and Hair is getting ready of unveil its new line for Spring 2009, and we got an exclusive look at what’s in store, before it goes online. If you’re not already familiar with Hips and Hair, it’s headed by businessman and designer Jonathan Bussiere who makes sure that each and every shirt is completely hand made and delivered to you in a paint can, splattered with pink, and sealed for freshness.

Jonathan Bussiere in a new design, the Kelly Kapowski Tee

Jonathan Bussiere in a new design, the Kelly Kapowski Tee

His designs are a sexy montage of pop culture icons and celebrities, spiked with a tongue-in-cheek edge. The shirts are funky, fresh, and all began as his own original artwork. One step into Bussiere’s home and you’ve entered an artistic workshop filled with art, and collages splayed on painted canvases. These canvases are photoshopped, printed out, developed in a dark room, sprayed and dried, and transferred onto a brand new (but pre-washed, with comfort in mind) tee shirt…and every step happens by his own hands.

Hips and Hair is art you wear.

Because each piece is a labor of love, these shirts are seasonal and made in limited quantities, so don’t be shy to scoop up the designs you dig.

Without further ado…here’s an exclusive look at the new Spring line (available next week at HipsandHair.com) accompanied with an explanation of the inspiration, from the artist,  Jonathan Bussiere.

Dead Marilyn Tee

Dead Marilyn Tee

Marilyn Monroe…why does young Hollywood always try to steal her thunder? This design sprang from my frustration of seeing “successful” young celebrities take their success and wealth and run the same gauntlet of death and destruction we have been seeing for decades. How about you guys try something new?”

Heart Bled Dry Tee

When My Heart Bled Dry Tee

“Wanting to create a design derived from different medias, this design incorporated a photograph of a broken window, a collage out of found text, and a stencil cut from a hot jam looking model. a clean cut epic design in a world gone mad with huge all-over prints.”

Jazzy Jasmine Tee

Jazzy Jasmine That Sloot Tee

“With today’s media constantly pushing girls to look skinnier and sluttier it is no wonder why young girls these days have goals of becoming sex symbols. So this design shows a young girl’s sex symbol idol as Princess Jasmine, holding her wished for grown-up self, the playboy bunny.”

Spray On Tee

Spray On Tee

“This design comes directly from a painting I did in December of 2008. I strive to make designs that come from more original sources, than just graphic art stuff. the deeper meaning is that i wanted to show how inspiration can come in the form of anything…even a spray can.”

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  • i love hips and hair said:

    Hot Shirt!!
    Love the The Sneak Peak and I Love Hips and Hair

  • vutaminc said:

    arent graphic tees like so 2007? my op.

  • AmberTamber said:

    your clothes are so cool and your model is very pretty with really cute shoes!

  • Alaina said:

    Hips and Hair is hot, but jesus what is up with that crazy looking jasmine shirt? you can’t even see the “playboy bunny” it’s too small!

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