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Top 5 Celebrities Turned Interns

by David Yi 17 April 2009 210 views One Comment E-mail David Yi

What’s sexier than sweating onstage among thousands of screaming fans, creating albums that sell millions, and playing a popular sport professionally?


Image via Men's Vogue

Image via Men's Vogue

That’s right. The new “it” profession in Hollywood is using those hard worked-out legs to fetch coffee, utilizing those good musical ears to take specific orders, and exchanging hors d’oeuvres for humble pie, all in the pursuit of gaining that non-existent check, a foot in the door, and the hopes of creating a new career path.

And what new career seems to be fascinating these celebrities? For most, it’s fashion.

In a world that promotes an image of fashion as being a most glamorous profession where glitter literally sweats from the brows of designers and where golden sequins are peed out of every model, where Tim Gunn is considered as being next to kin to Jesus Christ, and where RuPaul is compared to Tyra Banks, our culture’s views on the industry are definitely overtly skewed, sexualized and yes I’ll say it again, tranny-fied.


So it’s no surprise that celebrities are jumping onto the bandwagon of such a lifestyle. American culture over the past few years has created an image of overt godliness of the fashion/publishing industry emphasized through reality shows like E!’s Running in Heels and the WB’s Stylista, where a shot at a job in the magazine and fashion world is as coveted as being a top contender for insemination by Tom Ford or being a contender to being Marc Jacobs’ next boy toy (two very great reality TV ideas, I must say).

Which celebrities are turning in their Rolexes for stopwatches and getting their Ferragamos wet?

Here’s a list of the top 5 celebrities turned intern:

5. James Frey, Author A Million Little Pieces- Gawker.com

Image via Gawker

Image via Gawker

So where do you go when your publishing life sinks and the Big O slaps you across the face in front of millions of viewers? Where else but restart at the bottom? Gawker, the Manhattan gossip website, had Frey doing everything a poor little 18-year-old intern would do…like fetching donuts and–get this–fact checking… I guess you need to repay your dues someway, right?

4. Ryan Adams, Rocker, The Cardinals- Blackbook

Image via Blackbook

Image via Blackbook

Newly wedded to Mandy Moore, this bandmember of The Cardinals once interned for Blackbook Magazine way back when celebrities interning caused quite a stir. Adams actually had a bidding war going on with Gawker luring him in. So what did Mr. Moore trade in exactly? According to Blackbook he’s pretty darn busy:
“He writes, he sorts mail, he organizes the fashion closet, he gets coffee”- the usual.

3. Stew Bradley, NFL player, Philadelphia Eagles- Elle Magazine

Image via Elle Magazine

Image via Elle Magazine

Following in the footsteps of another hard-hitting-professional-jock turned fashionista, Sean Avery, Bradley made a move for Elle Magazine. There, he’s actually writing blogs along with WB’s Stylista winner, Johanna. The NFL player is said to be attending all of the fashion events and is surprisingly knowledgable with his fashion. Check him and Johanna’s blog entry here.

2. Kanye West, Rapper- Marc Jacobs


Okay, we understand that Kanye’s hanging up his mic to “conquer” another part of the world…yes, fashion. The resilient rapping fashionista who was even called the G-word by 50 Cent because of his flamboyant attire, said that he wanted to become a fashion icon. West is said to be interning in London under Louis Vuitton with Marc Jacobs and also other fashion houses there preparing for his own line’s launch, Past Tell, later this year. The label is said to have finished five articles of clothing so far.

1. Sean Avery NHL New York Rangers- Vogue Magazine

Image via Men's Vogue

Image via Men's Vogue

The man, the legend, the intern above all other interns who now has a movie being made about his experience is Vogue’s own Sean Avery. The NHL hockey player known for his aggression on and off the rink (named the “most hated player in the NHL”) is said to be completely docile in fashion circles, even making friends with fashion editors (Marie Claire’s Joanna Coles even attended one of his hockey games.) Hired directly under Anna Wintour, Avery was doing everything from attending fashion shoots, to helping with lights, to working the fashion closet, causing an uproar among all gossip websites and garnering legions of fans. Check out the movie inspired by his time at Vogue entitled, Puckface.

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  • Sister to Mister said:

    Awesome! Througouhly enjoyable read and I really didn’t know so many celebs were obsessed with this culture.


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