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by popfix [22 Jan 2010 | 4 Comments | 1,970 views]
Celebrity Style Icons To Watch in 2010

Navigating the fashion world can be tricky, especially when trying to stay ahead of the trends. But with a little inspiration from our favorite celebrity fashionistas, we can all be prepared when we update our wardrobes. Here are five celebrities to watch in 2010, and how we can steal their style and make it our own.

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by Rudy Klapper [22 Jan 2010 | 3 Comments | 542 views]
THE CRITIC: Spoon’s “Transference” Another Successful Chapter in an Indie Rock Story

Listening to another Spoon album is like slipping on an old, beloved coat (or sandals, if you’re like me and would never spend more than two hours above the Mason-Dixon line). It might have been a while, but everything just seems so right; the fit is snug, the feel is comfortable, and the sense of becoming reacquainted with a long-lost friend is undeniable. It’s been like this for a while with Spoon, to the point that it wouldn’t be surprising if they just kept making the same record over and over again. It speaks to their creativity and Britt Daniels’ general inability to sit still that this has never been the case - from the definition of their sound in 2001’s Girls Can Tell to exquisitely sleek, fat-free album that was 07’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, Daniels and the band have used each new record as an opportunity to refine their sound. The turn of the decade finds them sharpening the Spoon aesthetic to yet another fine edge, sanding off some of the worldly influences and focused songwriting on Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga to make an album wholly different in tone and mood, but one that is, at its heart, thoroughly Spoon.