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12 Hidden Valentine’s Day Truths Exposed by Dating Coach, DeAnna Lorraine

by popfix 9 February 2010 1,419 views 2 Comments E-mail popfix

Although some await with joy and others hide with dread, let’s face it…Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. For women in a relationship, this is a much-anticipated holiday. For men, the pressure is mounting and they may be planning their escape route. Want to know what women and men are really thinking, wishing and wanting when it comes to the big day?  What’s really on their minds? We spoke to the woman who hears it all from both men and women, DeAnna Lorraine, one of America’s top dating coaches, and put together a list of 12 hidden truths about Valentine’s Day that should serve as a sweet survival guide for both men and women this year!


What are DeAnna’s thoughts on Valentine’s Day?  You may be surprised. Read on!

My personal opinion on Valentine’s Day is that it’s more or less an out-dated and obligatory holiday that puts unduly pressure on everyone – couples, for the pressure to create the ‘perfect’ Valentine’s Day and in ‘taking things to the next level’ often prematurely, for the poor men who have to break their bank accounts on overpriced roses and chocolates and lugging over-sized teddy bears around for fear of what will happen to them if they don’t, and for single people, who begin frantically searching for a date as soon as grocery stores get taken over by pink and red cards in late January, and who are made to feel extra lonely if they don’t have anyone to spend the day with. Women have unusually high expectations in their heads of what they hope their men do for them. On another note, there shouldn’t be just one day of the year for you to be romantic and where you show your appreciation, love and affection to your
partner – romance and appreciation should come all throughout the year!  I feel it’s so much more exciting and romantic anyway when you get a dozen roses for no reason or a surprise gift “just because” or spontaneous bouts of romance when you truly love a person when they least expect it, not just on the one day of the year that you are “supposed” to be romantic. Couples shouldn’t wait for that one day a year to be expressive and appreciative toward their lover.

Yet, the question remains. What do to about Valentine’s Day? How do we decode signals from our significant others in order to have a chance at surviving? Luckily, DeAnna Lorraine has some tips for us on what the opposite sex really wants on this over-hyped holiday…

12 hidden truths about Valentine’s Day exposed: What men & women really want you to know!

1. It’s known to women as the barometer of the relationship. Anything you do and say is a test and will reveal how you really feel about her and the relationship. Proceed with caution!

2. She’s secretly hoping that this is the time you will prove your true feelings to her. Through grandiose romantic overtures, small black boxes with sparkly things inside, serenades and ridiculous displays of red roses.

3. It’s a major unspoken competition among women and their friends since the beginning of time – over who’s got the biggest rock, the prettiest roses, the most glamorous dinner, and most romantic (i.e. ‘generous’) boyfriend or husband. You’d better out-do Tony and Joe and make sure she wins! If your girlfriend loses, you lose. And onto the sofa-bed you go.

a. Side-note: She says, “Omigosh sweetie, did you hear what Jessica’s boyfriend got her for Valentine’s? How sweet!” This is code for: “Omigosh sweetie, Did you see what you now have to do/buy for me so that I can do better than Jessica? Listen up!”

4. She’s looking at how you sign the card. “From?” “Love” or “Best”? “Yours Truly?” She is waiting to rip the card open! Write wisely.

5. When she says, “Oh honey, whatever we do is fine. I’ll be happy with anything.” It’s a trap! Don’t fall prey to this, oh naïve men. Interpret as, “You’d better know me well enough to know exactly what I want and plan the
most elaborate dinner and Valentine’s evening or else.

6. All girls secretly want jewelry on Valentine’s Day- period. All men secretly want sex on Valentine’s Day – period.

7. Most women will wait to dump a guy till after Valentine’s Day so they can see can see what kind of a gift and dinner they get. Most guys will dump a girl before Valentine’s Day so they won’t have to get them dinner or a gift.

8. Sorry, ladies. Your man isn’t making a mad dash to the flower shop to show you how much he cares. The real reason he just dropped $400 on a dozen roses is because he enjoys the comfort of his bed and has no desire to sleep on the couch. They do it because they’re scared of what’s going to happen to them if they don’t.

9. Woman receiving jewelry = “He loves me. He cares!” Man giving jewelry = “I’m hoping I’ll get a 3-way tonight.”

10. The more expensive and ridiculous the display of roses, teddy bears, or flowers, and the more people are around to see it, the happier she’ll be. She wants to show off the biggest thing possible to as many people as possible.

11. Post-Valentine’s Day, woman’s thoughts: “I wish Valentine’s Day was every day.” Post-Valentine’s Day, man’s thoughts: “I emptied my bank account on Valentine’s Day, and all I got was this lousy stuffed animal.”

12. If you forget the V-day, forget the v-jay-jay.

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  • JACEE said:

    FANTASTIC insight. Thanks for telling it like it is, DeAnna. Men need to be reading this.

  • Hil. said:


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