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More Bachelorette Dating Faux Pas

by DeAnna Lorraine 7 July 2010 933 views 3 Comments E-mail DeAnna Lorraine

If you’ve been following “The Bachelorette,” you know that Episode 6 brought us even more dating faux pas to discuss.

Image via ABC.com

Image via ABC.com

1. Justin and his Two-Timing:

Wow… I don’t even think the word “Tool” with a capitol “T” could sum up this poor excuse for a man. We discovered that he got on the show with a big scheme of going on the show purely for the purpose of “becoming famous,” and once he made it to the ‘top 3,’ he was planning on ditching Ali – and running off and marrying his girlfriend – yes, girlfriend, of two years! And then if that wasn’t bad enough…it turns out he has had another girlfriend too! Wow, this is karma at its greatest. Let this be a lesson to everyone that what goes around really does come around. And relationship karma, especially, is quite the bitch. Another lesson here: Women talk. You never want to mess with a woman scorned. Women will do whatever it takes to make sure that no other woman will touch you with a 10-foot pole – and Ali made sure of this, by calling him out and giving it to him on national TV. Nice work Ali!

2. Craig’s Fun but “Friend”-ly Date:

With Craig’s one-on-one date with Ali, they had a nice time and went to some romantic spots, and even watched a fireworks display from the rooftop of their boat cruise. Everything was set up to be romantic. Yet, there was no actual sparks. Every time they shot Ali and Craig together, they were having pleasant conversations and he was making her laugh, often even putting his arms around her and holding her, but it seemed like every time he was about to go in for a kiss or when there was definitely an opportunity to… he chickened out and gave her a cheek hug instead. Whether it was nerves or lack of confidence or know-how, he didn’t just execute, didn’t just go in for it. And when guys just stick in that PG zone of putting their arm around you, hugging you and holding you, but never just confidently put the romantic moves on and kick it up a notch, guess what? She’s going to only think of you as a kind of guy she could hug and laugh with, but not kiss. Thus, into the friend zone you get placed. So it was no surprise to me that out of all the guys remaining, Ali chose to let Craig go in the rose ceremony; and her reason? “The romance is just not there.” And her words, were the romantic kiss of death… “He’s a great guy. He’s so funny, so sweet.” Words that you don’t want to hear as a man!

3. Roberto’s Ever-Comforting Moves:

When Ali stormed into the men’s hotel suite fuming and in tears (I literally thought I saw traces of steam coming out of her ears), calling out Justin to the group, Roberto offered great support by putting his big strong arms around her and comforting her, letting her know that “It’s okay, everything’s going to be fine.” You could tell she seemed to calm down a bit after that and she appreciated the comforting touch. Lesson learned here: all women appreciate that! Props to Roberto again, for seizing an opportunity to act like the man and show her that he can be her rock. The other guys just sat there in stupor. But who is she going to remember most in the situation? The guy who made her feel safe and supported. Men, grab as many opportunities as possible to show a woman that you can be there for her, and she will feel safe and good around you and you will end up being there for her, in the end.

4. Frank Lugging his Rug:

As Frank and Ali were shopping around in the bazaare in Turkey, they found themselves in a little rug store and got cornered by an aggressive Turkish man trying to sell him a rug. Frank kept on repeating over and over again to the camera that he wasn’t going to buy this rug, that he had no need for a rug, and there was no way he was going to carry that around for the rest of the date. But alas, the next scene that follows shows poor Frank walking away carrying this 10-foot rug on his shoulders. Note to men – don’t get suckered into something that you don’t want to do or buy in front of your girl. We’ll begin to wonder where your backbone is. On the flip side though, Frank did do a great job in his date of being lots of fun and high-energy, upbeat, and spontaneous. He always held her close and kissed her a lot, grabbed her hand tight and led her through the crowds, and treated her like she was already his girlfriend, which is what helps a woman actually associate you with being her boyfriend and what will likely pull him ahead of the competition.

5. Ali’s Fighting Faux Pas:

On the group date with the six guys, after the poor men had already spent the whole day on their feet touring historical sites of Istanbul, Ali informed them that she was taking them to a ‘big surprise.’ And as it turned out, this “big surprise” was a group of six oiled and shirtless Turkish men, or, professional olive-oil wrestlers, waiting to oil-wrestle the guys, on the ground in the freezing cold. Talk about a buzz-kill! Then after the guys got crushed by these professional men who were no match for them, she announced that they now had to fight each other! I’m sorry, but that just wasn’t a very cool girl move, I don’t care who you are. It’s enough that these men have to fight for her and woo her every day on national television, and jump through hoops for her every episode, but then to have to physically fight for her after a long day of sightseeing and then fight their own buddies, who they’ve grown to be their comrades? I thought that was a little cruel and unusual. If you give men enough of a prize, they will fight for you anyway and will want to do it on their own merit, but if you force a guy to fight for you, that may very likely only create resentment in him and have the opposite effect. Boo.

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  • Miss Molly said:

    Please, give me a break! How can we single out Justin for his motives of going on the show to “become famous”. They are all including Ali on this show for their 15 minutes of fame and hoping that this exposure may lead to something bigger. Do you really believe that these people are on this show to find their future husband/wife in a 6 week time span and expect to live happily ever after? Nobody is that naive. This show can be a great vehicle of self promotion and decent entertainment but not much more than that. These people are all media whores and thats ok so long as we see them for what they are,no more no less.

  • TrixieMixie said:

    I feel so sorry for poor Ali, all these dudes are lame.

  • MAUREEN said:

    You know I was a little taken back when Ali and Roberto said that if asked “they might let ABC film their Wedding because it will save them money ” That’s WRONG ..I thought she came on the show to ‘FIND’love not find , exploit and have someone else pay ..I hope ABC is smarter and let the happy couple share their love and dreams in a private ceremony..lol out of the spotlight!

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