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31 Ways To Be Annoying At The Movies

by Adam Prattler 12 March 2014 No Comment E-mail Adam Prattler

Have you ever wondered what got into the minds of the strange people who make it a point to annoy their fellow audience members in a movie theater – making everyone around them miserable while they are seemingly having the time of their life?

Or perhaps you’re looking for ideas on how to infuriate others at a movie theater near you?

Either way, we’ve got your fix in this official list of…



  1. You can cheer when the hero is killed (à la “Von Ryan’s Express”).
  2. Laugh aloud for a whole minute at the done-to-death jokes.
  3. Break the suspense in a voice that carries through the whole room.
  4. When a passionate kiss is impending, shout, “Stop!”
  5. Whisper nonsense in your neighbor’s ears for no reason at all.
  6. Go to a 2D movie wearing 3D glasses and complain to the guy sitting next to you that they might as well have shot the movie in 2D.
  7. With a powerful torch, show the intentionally dark patches in the movie in full glare.
  8. Pretend snoring during the edge-of the-seat scenes.
  9. Blow balloons and at crucial moments, burst them one by one.
  10. Sing along the songs loudly in an off-key voice.
  11. Beg for money with a collection hat.
  12. Creepily stare at the people in the theater, rather than at the screen.
  13. Bet with the guys in your row, the row behind, and the row in the front, on the climax.
  14. Clap and shout, “Attaboy Tom Cruise” when the actor on the screen is actually Morgan Freeman.
  15. Lie in the aisle and do baby-birthing movements.
  16. Ask your neighbors to take you for dinner since your pockets are empty. The movies are expensive, man!
  17. Repeat all of the dialogue as soon as it’s uttered.
  18. Get up and announce that you are going to the lobby and ask if anyone else is coming along.
  19. When someone whips out a gun on the screen, shout, “Don’t shoot!”
  20. When someone gets hit on the screen, say loudly, “Good for you!”
  21. Sit in the aisle on the beanbag you brought along.
  22. Light up a cigarette and blow smoke rings into the face of the neighbor but without any cigarettes or a lighter.
  23. Tell your new “friends” your girlfriend had refused to come inside with you and is sitting with the projector operator.
  24. Regardless of election year, announce you are going to vote for this or that party, and give a detailed explanation as to why.
  25. Sell invisible popcorn along the aisles.
  26. Overreact to any and all scenes. No matter how banal.
  27. Shout,”Profanity!” when someone on the screen uses even the mildest of curse words.
  28. Butt-in on the ticket queue, not once but two or three times.
  29. Bring a friend along and keep narrating the story step by step as it happens on the screen.
  30. Ask the person next you if he would be willing to buy half the pack of popcorn from you at quarter price.
  31. Shout, “There is no toilet paper in the men’s room!” Because it’s important…


Guest post provided by: Adam Prattler, a digital marketer and data visualizer. His interest in the entertainment world and especially Bollywood movies is immense. His favorite Bollywood actress is Hema Malini ever since he saw “Sholay.” 

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