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The Day I Met Spider-Man – Nerd Out

by Erin Darling 17 March 2014 No Comment E-mail Erin Darling

The occasional celebrity encounter is one of the most interesting things about living in LA. It’s happened to all of my fellow Angelenos at least once or twice, sometimes when we least expect it. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it, even though every single time it happens I fully pretend not to notice or care. Well, except for my last celebrity encounter…

Last week I was going about my business, waiting for the valet to bring out my car after a meeting at my agent’s office when all of a sudden I felt a presence behind me. Naturally, I turned around only to reveal that the aforementioned presence was none other than the one and only TOBEY MAGUIRE! Now, at this moment I understand that many of you who are reading this are thinking, “Why is this girl freaking out about Tobey Maguire?”

I’ll tell you why I’m freaking out about Tobey Maguire…

Those of you who have been watching AMC VERSUS might remember that in one of the first episodes of the show, I had to defend Tobey Maguire over Andrew Garfield as “The Best Spider-Man Ever.” No easy task if you’ve seen “Spider-Man 3.” But I committed. I did my research, re-watched Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” franchise, and left no rock unturned in my preparation to prove to the whole Internet that Tobey Maguire was not only a solid Spider-Man, but a fantastic one.

To see the debate in it’s entirely, click here.

And after all that prep work formulating my argument and declaring to the whole World Wide Web that Tobey was indeed the greatest Spider-Man ever to crawl this earth I was finally face to face to Maguire himself.

What did I do? What did I say? To find out, watch this week’s installment of NERD OUT, below.

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