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The World vs. Lindsay Lohan

by thepopfix 25 March 2009 2 Comments E-mail thepopfix
Image Via Gossip Girls

Image Via Gossip Girls

It’s no secret that taking responsibility for oneself is not exactly Lindsay Lohan’s forte. Well, at least it’s not a secret to everyone but the Linds, as is evidenced in her recent interview with E! in which she takes zero-percent of the blame for the problems in her life  by pointing the finger at everyone, and everything but herself.

According to Lindsay:

The problems of her relationship with Samantha Ronson aren’t because of her or her actions, rather, the result of “people telling lies” about her to Sam.

According to the rest of the world:

Lindsay’s problems with Samantha are a result of Lindsay’s club-hopping, Chace-Crawford kissing, and alcohol boozin’ behavior.

Call me old fashioned, but looks to me like there either may be:

a. a pre-existing lack of communication between the two if Sam is relying upon the media to hear about the whereabouts and behavior of her one-and-only  or

b. some truth to the “lies”

According to Lindsay:

Her inability to get work isn’t the result of her lack of the numerous reports of her unprofessionalism (see director James G. Robinson’s nasty albeit letter to LezLo on the set of Geoergia Rule) but rather the result of “all the sicko fans and the noise.

According to the rest of the world:

A simple one sided equation sums her joblessness up: No work ethic = No job.

According to Lindsay:

She can’t star in Oscar-nominated films, have her own charity, make music, design clothes, and produce because people won’t stop judging her, accusing her, or making her out to be an “aloof, spoiled, ungrateful” person that she is “not and could never be.”

According to the rest of the world:

If it looks like an aloof actress, behaves like a spoiled actress, and carries on like an ungrateful actress, then it probably is an aloof, spoiled, and ungrateful actress.

Wait, that saying refers to ducks. Tomato, tomah-to…It’s all relative.

In the end, we can safely say that in life, like all the other unfortuanes that came to Lezlo, she loses, which is great for us.

Because in Hollywood, if you’re a loser, that makes for good news.

And it’s just funny.


  • Chad said:

    Love the title to the article. Lindsay is ridiculous. Way to blame your problems on the world and not on your own crazy, coke snorting booty.

  • Peepee said:

    lilo is a skanky ho

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