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by Erin Darling [9 Jul 2009 | No Comment | 186 views]
THE POP FIX Shops The Best Online Shoe Sales!

Ladies (and cross-dressing men), we all know that there’s nothing better than finding that truly fabulous pair of shoes, on sale, that do all the right things to your rear view, without making you feel like you’re about to pay for this at the cash register and at the chiropractors office. Ouch…That would almost be too much for ask for, wouldn’t it? It would. That’s why I’m not guaranteeing they’ll be comfortable. But they will be hot, and at a discounted price. It’s almost the total package! But that’s what you get while shopping online, you can’t exactly sample the merchandise. But before you hit the sales yourself, take some hints from a pro who has been there, done that…