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Best Pop Culture Inspired Halloween Costumes Du Jour

by Kelcey Bridges 28 October 2011 No Comment E-mail Kelcey Bridges

Halloween Weekend is here at last! If you’re stumped for a costume again this year, look no further than our guide to the greatest entertainment inspired outfits of the year. Thank you, pop culture gods for giving us a couple of crazies, hit movies and even royalty to look to for inspiration.

Charlie Sheen

Crazy is always in season when it comes to Halloween. If you dare, embody the greatest Warlock of them all – Charlie Sheen.

Complete the look: Grab a “Duh, winning!” shirt (or nearly any collared button-up will do), add sunglasses, a fedora if you’re feeling fancy and don’t forget the crazy eyes.

Be sure to study up on Sheen-isims. “WINNING!” and “I’m on a drug…it’s called Charlie Sheen” go over great at parties. Be sure to talk about all your “goddesses” back at home, but you might want to leave out that whole Ashton Kutcher taking your job thing.

Tiger blood, optional.

Ensemble costume: Bridesmaids 

Need a brilliant group costume for your gal-pals? Go as the comedy troupe from this summer’s hit flick, Bridesmaids

Complete the look: First things first, decide who will be the bride and head out to a thrift store in search of the most outrageous bridal gown. Next, rally the bridesmaids! Hit up a local thrift store for bridesmaid fashion disasters or pull out an old prom dress from the back of your closet. You’re bound to have some real gems back there.

Feel free to cap off the night with some impromptu Wilson-Philips karaoke.

YouTube sensation: The Man with the Golden Voice

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a YouTube inspired costume, now would it? YouTube ghosts of Halloween past have delivered memorable characters like Double Rainbow Guy, ‘Bed Intruder’ Anthony Dodson and Chris Crocker. This year, look no further than the inspirational tale of Ted Williams.

Complete the look: Old clothes, disheveled hair and a cardboard sign. Don’t forget you’re golden voice!

Use this costume carefully, Kraft Mac & Cheese endorsements might ensue.

Rebecca Black 

Rebecca turned the world upside down – with one YouTube music video, she managed to turn everyone’s favorite day of the week into their least favorite word. FRIDAY.

Complete the look: Find a spare t-shirt and scribble a memorable RB line on it, “It’s Friday!” or “We so excited” will suffice. Top it all off with a black wig and yellow JanSport backpack. Remember to brig along your calendar – circle all the Fridays for an added touch.

Have no fear, actual singing voice not required.

Couples costume: The Royal Couple

The holy matrimony of Prince William and Princess Kate was only the most talked about event of the year, in fact – you may have even set your alarm for 4 a.m. to watch the televised nuptials. Dressing up as Will and Kate is sure to make you the talk of any costume party in town.

For Will: Red jacket, black slacks, blue sash (receding hairline optional).

For Kate: Bridal dress and veil – go all out and rock the long sleeves and train for days, just like Kate. Seal the deal with a blue faux-engagement ring.

Channel your inner blue blood and practice your best British accent! Just be sure it doesn’t turn to Eliza Doolittle half way through the evening.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eunice

If we’re being honest, these two arrived to the Royal Wedding completely decked out for Halloween. Beatrice and Eunice nearly stole the show from the Royal Couple by rocking this awesome ensemble.

For Eunice: Bright blue dress, DIY fascinator.

For Beatrice: Peach colored jacket,dress or suit, DIY fascinator.

Follow this great tutorial to learn how to make replica fascinators sure to make you the envy of all the common folk.

Oldie but a goodie: Lindsay Lohan

On a budget? Thanks to LiLo’s perpetual courtroom visits in 2011, you can bust out last year’s Lohan costume and still be 100% on trend. Thanks, Linds!

Complete the look: You can literally take this costume any direction you want – “Jailbird Lindsay,” “Mugshot Lindsay” or the more 2011 appropriate option, “Brown Blush Lindsay.”

Or you can get extremely fancy, grab four friends and become “The 5 Mugshots of Lohan.”



Whatever wacky costume suits your fancy, have a very happy and safe Halloween!


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