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Favorite Female Movie Duos – POP 5

by Skylyr Ballew 30 September 2014 One Comment E-mail Skylyr Ballew

Everyone loves going to the theater and catching a flick that stars a great duo. Whether they are co-workers, best friends forever, or even family, it’s always enjoyable to witness the bond that forms between the two characters. More than likely you are at the theater with your friends, so you cannot help but reflect on your own friendship. The following duos can make us laugh, they can make us cry, and they can even make us laugh till we cry. THEPOPFIX is sharing our Favorite Female Movie Duos in today’s POP5 countdown.

Favorite Female Movie Duos



5. Melissa McCarthy & Sandra Bullock – “The Heat”


This cop from Boston & uptight FBI agent definitely we’ere not best friends right off the bat. Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy are both very successful with their own comedy films, but this collaboration brought out something special. Together they are able to create this tough-rugged exterior that is slightly cracked, and within those cracks we have these great somewhat immature jokes, that just make us cheer on this new friendship. There are many rumors that there will be a sequel, but it appears Bullock has her doubts.


4. Mira Sorvino & Lisa Kudrow – “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion”

romy mich

This is one of those movies where if it’s on TV, you know you have to watch it. We all imagine we’ll still be friends with our BFFs once high school is over, but that’s not always the case. Romy & Michele stayed best friends and when it came time for their school reunion, they knew they had to make an impression. These two really had us laughing as they built up these fake lives full of awesome accomplishments to make their former classmates jealous. Mira Sorvino & Lisa Kudrow are both down to make a sequel, but Disney doesn’t feel the same.


 3. Alicia Silverstone & Stacey Dash – “Clueless”


Cue the 90’s fashion cringing. That didn’t stop high school friends Cher & Dionne from rising to the top of the popularity chain in the movie “Clueless“. These BBFs displayed what is truly important in a friendship. They had each other’s backs through thick and thin. Girls everywhere wished they had what Cher & Dionne had, especially that cool handshake. At the end of the day it’s all about being honest and never judging one another.


2. Tina Fey & Amy Poehler – “Baby Momma”

baby mama2

From SNL to award show hosting, viewers of all kinds are obsessed with this comedic duo. Movie lovers really got a chance to see their chemistry on screen during the 2008 film “Baby Mama.” Poehler’s crazy antics drive Fey up the wall as she fears for her surrogate child. The characters really bring out the best in each other in this film and I believe the same happens in real life. There is no doubt about it that these two really feed off of one another. They are both starring as sisters in the upcoming 2015 film, “The Nest.


1.  Kristen Wiig & Maya Rudolph – “Bridesmaids”


Although “Bridesmiads” came out almost 4 years ago, viewers are still talking about Annie & Lillian. Maya Rudolph’s character may of sh*t in the street in the film, but we were peeing our pants from laughter in the theater. Kristen & Maya were also a favorite on SNL and brought us so much laughter and joy. The comedic power of their film has paved a way for many future female comedy duos to strike it rich at the box office. While we are pretty sure there will be no “Bridesmaids” sequel, we’re hoping they will work on another project together very soon.


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