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PAW5 Top Movie Cats With Help From Cat Paw

by Skylyr Ballew 8 October 2014 No Comment E-mail Skylyr Ballew

Sorry to get serious here for a second, but I’d like to take a moment of silence for all of those who believed Hello Kitty was a real cat. Yes, it’s true, Hello Kitty isn’t a real cat! Well, I think we all know now why Grumpy Cat is so grumpy, he feels betrayed just like the rest of the world. On a side-note…I’m allergic to cats, but that is not stopping me from counting down today’s PAW 5 Top Movie Cats. Also, I want to give a special shout out to my friendly and feisty co-stars, Cat Paw, for helping me with the countdown.

paw 5




5. Cat From Outer Space

This extraterrestrial cat comes from the movie, “The Cat From Outer Space.” Yes, you heard me right. This cat is from outer space! The 1978 film featured a cat from space, who’s UFO becomes stranded on Earth & quickly impounded by the government. The coolest thing about this cat was it’s collar, which had supernatural powers that allowed communication with humans so they could help rebuild the ship. Basically we have a feline version of “E.T.” Can I get a “Meow home?


4. Cheshire Cat

This special cat comes from the world of “Alice in Wonderland.” The Cheshire cat appeared frequently and disappeared just as often. This mysterious and comical creature often puzzled, confused, and even cheered up Alice. Along with the multi-colored stripes, the cat often faded away lastly showing it’s mischievous smile and dagger-like eyes. As Alice said, “She has often seen a cat without a grin, but never a grin without a cat.”


3. Thomas O’Malley & The Jazz Cats

This group belongs to the Disney classic, “The Aristocats.” This story shares the tale of Duchess the cat who receives an estate worth millions. The butler is hungry for money and attempts the ultimate catnap. Thanks to the alley cat, Thomas O’Malley, the day is saved. Everyone’s favorite part of the film is O’Malley’s band of swingin’ jazz cats, who help save the day. I mean who isn’t down for some cats that can play some sweet jazz?


2. Garfield

There is a very high chance that this cat may be the laziest cat in the world. Starring in the self-titled movie, “Garfield,” his lasagna-loving life get’s turned upside down. His owner John decides to adopt a dog named Odie, who then goes missing. Although this cat would rather spend his time being lazy on the couch, when Odie gets in danger he decides to get off the couch and bring him home. This Bill Murray voiced cat unknowingly teaches us all a lesson on being productive.


1. Puss In Boots

Topping our list is the star of the movie “Puss in Boots.” Voiced by Antonia Bandares, this suave feline stole our hearts in the “Shrek” films. Transitioning later into solo movies of his own, the boot wearing fugitive does all he can to clear his name of wrongdoings. Whenever in trouble Puss in Boots was always able to use his bulged-out eyes to trick enemies, catching them off-guard with his “Zoro” sword fighting skills.


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