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by Kelcey Bridges [14 Feb 2011 | No Comment | 973 views]
Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

This year, why not do something nice on V-day not just for your Valentine – but for any one you care for in general. Show love to your brother, sister, mom, pop, niece, nephew, best friend, gal-pals and yes, even your funny little Valentine. That’s what today is all about, right? Letting people in your life know that you love and care for them (…and eating chocolate too). Despite waiting until the final hour, fear not, sometimes the best gifts are the simple and spontaneous kind. Whether you’re single or have already been hit by cupid’s arrow – here’s a list of great last minute gifts for anyone on your list.

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by Kelcey Bridges [29 Oct 2010 | No Comment | 2,678 views]
Pop Culture Inspired Halloween Costumes for 2010

Halloween is right around the corner, and you’re still trying to throw together a costume, aren’t you? Instead of conforming to being a pirate, or God forbid…a fairy, here’s a list you should consider. Why not take a cue straight out from the wacky world of Hollywood and the game changers in pop culture this year?

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by Kelcey Bridges [20 Sep 2010 | One Comment | 6,357 views]
Top 5 ‘Beverly Hills 90210′ Moments

Where were you on 9/02/10 and how did you celebrate the oh-so-special 90210 Day? I tried to get the gang together for lunch at the Peach Pit, but Dylan and Brenda were in Baja, Steve was trying to find his birth mother in New Mexico and Brandon was chasing around that creepy Emily Valentine. In honor of this month’s extremely rare calendar day, lets recap the Top 5 moments from the world’s most famous zip code.

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by Kelcey Bridges [28 Aug 2010 | 2 Comments | 3,619 views]
Top 5 Happily UnMarried Hollywood Couples

In Hollywood, pregnancies aren’t too shocking – neither are breakups quite frankly. But what is surprising is celebrity marriages. The Summer of 2010 can easily be dubbed as the “Summer of Commitment” in Hollywood, with upwards of nearly 25 celeb couples tying the knot. While it appears there is an influx of unions in Hollywood, there’s always a flip side to that fairy tale story. In Hollywood, where there’s a wedding, there’s a divorce lurking not too far behind. Still, there’s a fair share of celeb’s who are keeping wedded bliss at bay – opting to be fully committed to one another – even starting families together – without tying the knot. Here’s the Top 5 Happily UnMarried Hollywood Couples.

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by Kelcey Bridges [16 Aug 2010 | 4 Comments | 1,650 views]
Top 5 Things You Don’t Want Mel Gibson to Say to You: Movie Quotes Edition

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you have likely heard about the never ending rant saga that is Mel Gibson’s life. He’s had quite a few choice words for his ex, Oksana Grigorieva. While the tapes are…interesting to say the least, they aren’t very creative. One has to wonder what would have happened if Mel had pulled out some of his stellar quotes from his hit movies.

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by Erin Darling [13 Aug 2010 | 2 Comments | 1,104 views]
Weaving Movements Together For Charity At The Greek Theater

The Dolores Huerta Foundation’s mission is to inspire people to organize sustainable communities to attain social justice. Tonight, they’re doing that by bringing Zack de la Rocha and Carlos Santana to the Greek Theater. How do you celebrate your birthday when you’re an iconic human rights activist? Throw a huge benefit concert, if you’re Dolores Huerta. Weaving Movements Together is the most altruistic party you’ll attend this year. This star-studded concert benefits the Dolores Huerta Foundation, giving attendees the opportunity to listen to some of their favorite music acts while supporting their community. The line up includes Pete Escovedo, Lila Downs, the aforementioned Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against The Machine, and the original guitar hero, Carlos Santana. Danny Glover, Martin Sheen and Benjamin Bratt are also scheduled to make appearances at the event.

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by DeAnna Lorraine [7 Jul 2010 | 3 Comments | 962 views]
More Bachelorette Dating Faux Pas

1. Justin and his Two-Timing: Wow… I don’t even think the word “Tool” with a capitol “T” could sum up this poor excuse for a man. We discovered that he got on the show with a big scheme of going on the show purely for the purpose of “becoming famous,” and once he made it to the ‘top 3,’ he was planning on ditching Ali – and running off and marrying his girlfriend – yes, girlfriend, of two years! And then if that wasn’t bad enough…it turns out he has had another girlfriend too! Wow, this is karma at its greatest. Let this be a lesson to everyone that what goes around really does come around. And relationship karma, especially, is quite the bitch. Another lesson here: Women talk. You never want to mess with a woman scorned. Women will do whatever it takes to make sure that no other woman will touch you with a 10-foot pole – and Ali made sure of this, by calling him out and giving it to him on national TV. Nice work Ali!

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by Rudy Klapper [6 Jul 2010 | 5 Comments | 1,639 views]
THEPOPFIX Does Electric Daisy Carnival

Over 80 artists and DJs. Five stages running the gamut from house to dubstep to trance and more. 185,000+ people attending and dancing until 2 a.m. over two days. More Ecstasy pills than the population of Los Angeles. Calling the annual L.A. Electric Daisy Carnival a mere “rave” is an insult to something that has to be considered one of the largest music events in the world, not to mention an intense kaleidoscope of sounds and visuals that require far more work and setup than your average festival show. Oh, and don’t forget the varied array of carnival rides, from your standard Ferris wheel and fun house to spinning tops and massive swings (best ridden sober). With such a breadth of artists and experiences to be sampled it’s practically impossible to catalogue every highlight of the weekend, and the fact that the Coliseum grounds where the event was held was nearly impossible to traverse effectively past sundown made it difficult to see everyone I wanted, but those I did rarely disappointed.